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Joe Flacco Returns After Son Got Him Sick


Joe Flacco has learned about one of the challenges of sending his child to pre-school.

His son came home with a stomach bug, and Flacco ended up catching it as well. The virus kept Flacco out of practice Wednesday, but he was back at work the next day.

"I feel better," Flacco said after Thursday's practice. "Just a little virus. I didn't want to get the whole team sick, and get something running through here."

The virus isn't expected to put Flacco at risk of missing Sunday's game against Cleveland, as he's started 98 consecutive games for Baltimore. He also was able to go through the game planning before heading home to get some rest. 

"Obviously I would have liked to be out there on the practice field and everything, but I was able to be in the meetings and all that," Flacco said.

Having Flacco miss practice is a rare occurrence in Baltimore, as the seven-year veteran has been one of the league's most durable players throughout his career. Several players commented that it was strange not to have him in the huddle. "I don't think I have [missed a practice], so it was definitely different not being out there," Flacco said. "It was good that we had a long week coming off the Thursday night game, so we had an extra day to get ready anyway. It kind of worked out nicely."

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