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Joe Flacco Talks Torrey Smith, Anquan Boldin Reunions, Reached Out For Corey Davis Info


Joe Flacco doesn't march upstairs to General Manager Ozzie Newsome's office demanding that he bring in wide receivers – not even after the Ravens have added multiple defensive pieces so far this offseason while losing more starters than gained on offense.

It's just not the way Flacco operates.

"I'm not qualified to do their job and they're at least not qualified anymore to do our job," Flacco quipped, referencing Newsome's Hall of Fame career as a tight end.

But that doesn't mean that Flacco is without opinions.

On Wednesday, Flacco gave his take on possible reunions with wide receivers Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin, and said he's reached out to get a scouting report on one of the top wide receivers in this year's draft in Western Michigan's Corey Davis.

"If they ask my opinion then I'll give it to them, but I don't necessarily go up there and push one way or another," Flacco said. "Obviously, there are certain things that I can feel strongly about."

One person Flacco feels strongly about is Smith. The two developed a chemistry* *during their four years together in Baltimore, connecting for more than 3,500 yards and 30 touchdowns. They also became close friends.

After two difficult years with the San Francisco 49ers, Smith was released this offseason. Flacco foresaw the potential cut, and even talked about that possibility with Ravens brass immediately after the season ended, before leaving the Under Armour Performance Center.

Flacco used Smith as an example of a personnel decision he can sometimes feel strongly about.

"With Torrey leaving San Fran, I thought we might make a push for him, stuff like that, but that's because I had a personal relationship with him in the past," Flacco said.

"I definitely talked to Torrey a little during that time, and before I left here I talked to some people. But you never know what's going to happen. I wasn't going crazy. Whatever happens, happens."

Flacco was also asked about the possibility of reuniting with Boldin, who had success with Flacco on the other side of Smith, particularly in the team's Super Bowl XLVII run.

Boldin is currently a free agent, and Head Coach John Harbaugh said last month that he’d be in favor of a reunion. More veteran cuts will be made around the NFL, but there currently aren't many veteran wide receiver options left on the free-agent market.

"I had a great on-field relationship here with Anquan, and he's a great wide receiver, just as Torrey was," Flacco said.

So what about the draft? Does Flacco have his eyes on a first-round wide receiver?

Flacco said he doesn't feel like the Ravens need another wideout, and that he's confident in the team's young players, such as Breshad Perriman, Chris Moore and Michael Campanaro, to break out and prove themselves. He also has veteran Mike Wallace leading the group.

Flacco said he isn't looking at tape of this year's college prospects, but he did do a bit of digging on one because of a family connection. Flacco's younger brother, Tom, is a backup quarterback at Western Michigan and has thrown passes to Davis, a projected first-rounder, for the past two years.

Davis, who caught 331 passes for 5,278 yards and 52 touchdowns during his four college seasons, has been widely speculated as a possible Ravens' target. Flacco shot his brother a text to see how he feels about him.

"My brother, he said, 'Listen, it's all I know [college wide receivers, specifically MAC], but he was at another level. He was a really good player,'" Flacco said.

"He thought he had really good hands, he thought he was really strong, could run really well. That's all he knows, but he can definitely tell the difference between him and guys he was seeing week to week."

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