John Harbaugh In Favor Of Extra-Point Rule Change


Opinions have been mixed since NFL owners voted this week to make extra-point kicks more challenging by moving them back to the 15-yard line.

Count Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh among those in favor of the change.

"I think it's a good thing," Harbaugh said after his commencement address at Stevenson University Thursday. "I think it's a positive thing. We're for it."

Previously, extra points and two-point conversions were both attempted from the 2-yard line. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell urged owners to make a change because the 18-yard extra-point kicks had become virtually automatic, and pushing them back to 33-yard attempts will create a greater challenge.

Teams can still attempt two-point conversions from the 2-yard line, and Harbaugh now expects more teams to go that route.

"It is going to encourage more two-point conversion tries," Harbaugh said. "There's no question about it, especially in weather, windy stadiums, later in the year maybe when it means the most.

"I know one thing, we're going to spend more time defending two-point conversions and practicing two-point conversions because it's just going to be a bigger part of the game."

Harbaugh did point out that he wants to see the nuances of the rules. For example, if a team commits a penalty when defending an extra point, could the scoring team then decide to switch to a two-point conversion and apply the penalty yardage? 

"I'm sure they've worked that out, but I can't wait to see the details on it," he said.

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