John Harbaugh Press Conference (01/02)

On if the younger players understand that it's special to be in the playoffs:"Yeah. You do get the sense of that. We haven't talked about it too much. I think our guys in the locker room must have talked about it. The younger guys, they have not shown any signs of fatigue or things like that. They've all practiced very well. So, I think the older guys got to them, let them know how special these are."

On how CB Fabian Washington and RB Ray Rice got through the week:"Yeah, they seem to be better and better as the week goes on. We still haven't made any decisions for sure, and you don't know until Sunday. But, there were some positive signs."

On the confidence in the running game and if that unit feels like it can run on anyone:"You know, you hate to make a statement like that, but I think there's confidence in the running game. We've been successful. It's important to us. We have to run the ball well offensively to make everything work. And it's just something we believe in, so it's important to us."

On any emotions he has sensed from QB Joe Flacco going into his first career playoff game:"Emotions? Sensing emotions? (Laughter) Sense of any emotions… I saw some smiles today. He had fun. The guys kind of make him laugh and stuff. But, he's fine."

On the intensity of the playoffs:"There is another level, but I would say our guys have been in some really intense playoff-type atmospheres already. The Dallas week was like that. Washington had everything to play for. Philadelphia, I think you go back through – Pittsburgh, those are all playoff-type games, games that we had to be successful in. So, our guys have a good feel for that, but there's no question, this playoff atmosphere is very special."

On the NFL being a copycat league:"Well, it always has been. I mean, everybody is looking for good ideas. And obviously, they [the Dolphins] got their idea [Wildcat offense] from college football. So, we look everywhere we can go to find a good idea. And obviously the league has kind of followed suit on that."

On if he has allowed himself time to sense the special ride to the playoffs:"To enjoy it? No, we don't enjoy any of it. (Laughter) You enjoy what you do. I think we all do. I would say you guys probably all feel the same way. You like what you do; that's why you do what you do. And to be involved in this type of environment, an extra week as we go, that makes it even more fun. I like to think we enjoy it all the time and this is even better."

On if he feeds off the energy of the community:"Well, I haven't walked the streets. I would like to say, 'Yes,' but, 'No.' We're really in here [the Owings Mills' facility]. Our players get a good feel for it. Coaches, we don't get much of a feel for it. We joke that our place, it's a beautiful place, but it's like a submarine. The beginning of the week you take it down. You come up again at the end of the week to go travel to the game."

On a strategic way to prepare RB Ray Rice for getting hit again:"I don't know that there's any particular strategy for that. You just have to do it. He's played a full season. We don't think it's going to be an issue, but that's something. He hasn't had contact for a while, so he's just going to have to be conscious of securing the football. Of course, that's if he plays. We'll see how it goes."

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