John Harbaugh To Be Part Of Super Bowl Broadcast


Head Coach John Harbaugh will be gracing the television booth on Super Bowl Sunday.

According to NBC, Harbaugh will be part of the pre-game, halftime and post-game broadcast along with Bob Costas, so he'll be a face fans see a lot.

Harbaugh will team with former NFL head coach turned analyst Tony Dungy and former Patriots safety turned analyst Rodney Harrison on the "Coach's Clicker" segment looking at schemes and tendencies of both teams.

The charismatic and informative Harbaugh has good perspective on the Patriots' schemes considering he has seen them so many times over the years, including just three weeks ago in the AFC divisional round. Harbaugh has also faced the Seattle Seahawks in 2011.

Harbaugh can also shed light on what it's like to prepare for the Super Bowl considering he won it two years ago.

This season, Harbaugh once joked with reporters that maybe he would be doing their job if he wasn't coaching football. Now Harbaugh will get a taste, and considering how good he is in front of a camera, it should be a pleasure to watch.

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