John Harbaugh Wins Michigan-Ohio State Bet With J.K. Dobbins

RB J.K. Dobbins and John Harbaugh

J.K. Dobbins got in many laughs, but John Harbaugh got the last (or at least latest) laugh.

Harbaugh won a wager with Dobbins, a former Buckeyes star running back, after Michigan's 42-27 win over Ohio State in last week's game.

Making friendly bets on your alma mater's games is common in NFL locker rooms, but it takes some guts to take on the head coach.

It was a huge win for John's brother, Jim Harbaugh, that ended an eight-game skid for the Wolverines in one of college football's biggest rivalries.

"I was emotional, man. I'll tell you, watching Jim after the game with his players … You see how much that team loves each other, and seeing them on the field, and the fans on the field, and Jim going through the crowd," John Harbaugh said Monday. "It was really one of those moments that I think everybody had to enjoy that – most everybody – except for the Ohio State fans, but they'll get over it."

Dobbins probably did not enjoy it so much, though it seems he has gotten over it.

The Ravens' injured star running back did enjoy some monster games against Michigan, however, capped off by 211 rushing yards, 49 receiving yards and four touchdowns against the Wolverines as a junior in 2019. Ohio State won, 56-27, that day.

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