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John Harbaugh Won't Be Calling Plays


The Ravens have a vacancy at offensive coordinator with Jim Caldwell leaving for Detroit.

But don't expect Head Coach John Harbaugh to pick up the offensive clipboard. He was asked two weeks ago at his season-ending press conference if he would consider doing so.

Harbaugh said he will continue to oversee the entire team, just as he has successfully done for the past six seasons.

"I don't think my style is ever going to be to take one side of the ball, or one particular phase, and take it over, and then ignore the other two phases," Harbaugh said.

"There are coaches that makes sense for, guys that were offensive coordinators their whole career and that's what they know, or they were quarterback coaches their whole career, and they're going to take the quarterback. It makes sense for those guys, and that's what they're going to do, and that's how they're going to do it. But that's just not my background."

Harbaugh has a well-rounded background that has given him a deep understanding of the game as a whole.

A former college safety, Harbaugh was a running backs and outside linebackers coach at Western Michigan. He then moved to tight ends at Pittsburgh. He was a special teams and secondary coach at Morehead State, special teams coordinator at Cincinnati, and special teams and defensive backs coach at Indiana. He continued to coach special teams and defensive backs when he made the leap to the NFL in Philadelphia.

"My background has been that I've coached in all three phases, for over 30 years of coaching, mostly in the NFL on special teams, or a little bit on defense, and even on offense in college," Harbaugh said. "So, I feel like that was the path that God gave me, and that's the one I'm going to use."

Harbaugh makes suggestions on game plans and guides the Ravens' overall offensive, defensive and special teams philosophies. Occasionally, he'll make a specific play-call suggestion during a game. But that's not his focus.

"For me, I'm involved in every part of our football [team]," Harbaugh said.

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