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John Harbaugh Won't Coach Philadelphia Eagles


It didn't take long for Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh's name to pop up on Eagles sports talk radio after Chip Kelly was fired Tuesday night.

This morning, KYW sports reporter Ed Benkin tweeted that fans should "keep an eye on" Harbaugh, saying he "may be ready to leave Baltimore" and has connections with Philadelphia. Harbaugh was the Eagles' special teams coordinator for 10 seasons (1998-2007).

Well, Harbaugh put an end to that talk pretty quickly.

"No. It's not even part of the conversation," Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh was pressed again on whether it could be part of the conversation after the season is finished.

"No. It won't be part of the conversation," Harbaugh reiterated.

Benkin later apologized for the tweet, and Harbaugh poked a little fun at his old buddies in the Philadelphia media corps.

"Is it flattering to be talked about on Philadelphia talk radio?" he asked. "Typically not."

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