Joining Ravens Triggers Michael Crabtree's Bad Super Bowl XLVII Memories

The gorgeous paintings depicting the Ravens’ Super Bowl XLVII run don't include Baltimore's goal-line stand.

So despite being a central figure in the Ravens' championship five years ago, at least Michael Crabtree won't have to re-live those moments every time he walks through the halls at his new office.

That said, becoming a Raven will definitely be a reminder of one of the more difficult moments of Crabtree's NFL career.

Crabtree was targeted three straight times from the 5-yard line on the 49ers' final offensive drive in Super Bowl XLVII. All three went incomplete, including a final controversial fade in which there was a lot of contact between Crabtree and Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith.

So in visiting the Ravens as a free agent Friday, did those memories come back?

"Oh yeah, pretty much all the time," Crabtree said. "It was definitely something to remember."

It's not like Crabtree had a bad game. He finished with five catches for 109 yards, including a 31-yard touchdown that got the 49ers' massive comeback started. But the final pass sailing just out of reach and out of bounds will stick with him forever.

"Super Bowl left me with a lot of memories – mostly bad memories," Crabtree said. "Like I said, it was a battle out there, and the best team won."

Crabtree has since gotten some measure of revenge. He's faced the Ravens* *three times since Super Bowl XLVII – once each in the past three seasons. He posted a combined 22 catches for 281 yards and five touchdowns.

General Manager Ozzie Newsome said the Ravens know firsthand what Crabtree is capable of. And Newsome made sure to mention that to Crabtree when he was touring the Ravens' training facility.

"Me and [Ozzie] Newsome talked about it a little bit," Crabtree said with a chuckle. "I was just playing ball, and it happened like that. I mean, we are here now. I don't want to have too many comments about that."

Crabtree has all kinds of conflicting emotions. He said he grew up as a Ravens fan despite hailing from Dallas. And although being in the house of the team who beat him in the Super Bowl "feels a little different," he added that "I feel like I'm at home."

"Ravens were my favorite team – maybe because of the hard-nosed defense they used to have back in the day. Well, they still do," Crabtree said. "I always was a tough kid growing up. I played safety; I thought I was Ed Reed at times."

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