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Justin Tucker: 'I Love Monday Night Football'


As kicker Justin Tucker left the locker room for Monday Night Football, he sang the familiar "Monday Night Football" tune.

You know the one. This one.

"Doesn't it get you fired up?" Tucker said after the game. "It's one of those staple sound bites of football."

If it hasn't been clear before, Tucker enjoys being on center stage. And there's no brighter spotlight than Monday Night Football.

Tucker showed it by hitting a key 55-yard field goal in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game. It wasn't as long or dramatic as his game-winning 61-yarder in Detroit on Monday Night Football last year, but it was still impressive.

"I love Monday Night Football," Tucker said.

Tucker is 3-0 on the Monday night primetime stage. And he remembers them well.

"I got my start on Monday Night Football my rookie year at home against the Bengals. I had a nice outing and we won the game," he said. "Last season I had a great time in Detroit and we won the game. Here we are in the Big Easy, making it look easy, had a great time and won the game.

"I've experienced a lot of great things on Monday night and I hope to continue that."

What's crazy is that Tucker wasn't even happy with his 55-yarder. It took punter Sam Koch cheering him up to feel better about it.

"I was kind of upset about how I hit it," he said. "I kind of mishit it a little bit. I punched at it a little bit. It went the distance and went through the yellow things. Three points is three points." Tucker is having a second straight Pro Bowl-worthy season. He's hit 21 of 24 field-goal attempts, good for an 87.5 percentage. Tucker also hit a 31-yard field goal in the third quarter Monday night.

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