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Justin Tucker Tries To Kill The Dab By Uncontrollably Dabbing


Justin Tucker wants to kill the dab, so he over-dabbed.

The Ravens' eccentric kicker broke out the celebration after his 47-yard field goal against the Philadelphia Eagles during Sunday's 27-26 win.

It wasn't because he loves to dab. It's because Tucker hates the trend, which has gone on for over a year thanks (or not thanks) to Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

"Throughout the year, we've been talking around the locker room about how annoying it is to see people dabbing all the time," Tucker said.

"If we're going to make an effort at completely killing the dab, I figured I'd be the guy to do it. More than anything, I've done the world a great service by killing the dab."

So what's Tucker's version called?

"If I had to name it anything, it was more of an uncontrollable dab," he said. "The force of the dab just overcame my entire being. The result might not have been pretty, but it is what it is."

Tucker said he hopes his celebration becomes one of the trendier GIFs on Twitter. Well, it already has.

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