Ravens Draft Pick Is Developing a (Very Cool) Video Game

CB Kyu Blu Kelly

Draft a player from Stanford and there's a decent chance they'll have something interesting cooking off the field too. New Ravens cornerback Kyu Blu Kelly, who the Ravens drafted in the fifth round, certainly checks that box.

When Kelly signs his Ravens rookie contract, it won't be his first. And that's not because of an NIL deal. Kelly already has a contract with Microsoft to help develop a video game.

His dad, former 10-year Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Brian Kelly, got the ball rolling. He has a family friend who is creating a movie. There was interest in creating a video game based on the same concept, and Brian knew Kyu likes playing video games.

"He was like, 'Kyu, can you create a story? Like a story board, or a log or some type of lore for this game and figure out a story based behind it?'" Kyu said.

"I just sat down for maybe like a few hours, created a whole story board, characters and stuff like that. They gave it to the company, and they really liked it. So, that game is still in progress; we're still figuring it out. It'll definitely be coming out soon with the movie and everything."

So what's the premise? Kyu said he couldn't talk about the movie, but offered some surface-level details about the game.

"If you can think of a SEAL Team Six that travels back in time to stop people from trying to change historic events. So, let's say somebody trying to redirect …" Kyu said before stopping and looking off-camera.

"I'm saying too much. (laughter) But yes, that's the whole scope of it – like a time-travel SEAL Team Six."

Ravens fans and gamers will have to wait for more details, but it sounds very cool!

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