Lakers Are Borrowing Ravens' Motto: 'Nobody Cares, Work Harder'


When you're winning, everybody wants a piece of the action.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the NBA's Lakers borrowed the motto the Ravens have been using all season: "Nobody Cares, Work Harder."

A fan of motivational shirts, Head Coach John Harbaugh gave his players the T-shirt earlier this season, and they've been wearing it all year. However, it got more attention on social media after Jackson wore it at a postgame press conference.

After suffering just their third loss of the season on Sunday, the Lakers took notice, and apparently started a group text among players [ADD??] in which somebody made a reference to the slogan.

Then they went out and beat the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday, then stomped the Utah Jazz, 121-96, on Wednesday.

"That's kind of the motto we talked about after our loss," shooting guard Alex Caruso said.

"Nobody cares if we lose. If we lose, people get excited, people get up for that. We've gotten to that point after such a good start. For us, it's not worrying about that. We gotta go out there and do our job regardless. Sick, not sick. It's going to be harder on certain nights."

After Sunday's 20-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers, Jackson wore the "Nobody Cares, Work Harder," T-shirt at the podium. He was asked whether the team has truly taken on that mentality.

"Absolutely. That's every day," Jackson said. "Nobody cares about what you're doing. You've got to work harder. If you want to be the best, you've got to work hard at being the best. If they're doubting you, work harder, it don't matter. It's their opinion. We're just going to go." 

It especially resonates with Jackson, who many people doubted could play quarterback in the NFL with his unique style.

But if we're being totally honest here, this isn't the Ravens' motto. They didn't come up with it. Harbaugh, who is always looking for fresh ways to motivate his team, found it in a book written by two U.S. Navy SEAL officers.

"That comes from Jocko Willink and those guys over there, Extreme Ownership," Harbaugh said. "I would highly recommend that for anybody that wants to get a good read on leadership ideas.

"But the Lakers did it, huh? Wow. That's pretty cool! It's a great message, don't you think? I heard one of our coaches had it [on] in an airport recently, and someone yelled across the security line, 'I love your t-shirt! I love that!' So, it's pretty cool."

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