Lamar Jackson Gives Update on His Contract Situation

QB Lamar Jackson

As Ravens training camp kicks off, Lamar Jackson's contract situation still hangs above the Under Armour Performance Center.

Jackson joined "The Lounge" podcast Monday and gave an update. He said he is having some direct contract talks with General Manager Eric DeCosta, the man he affectionately nicknamed "Every Dollar Counts."

"I talk to my people, talk to EDC when I can, ask him some questions here and there and he lets me know what's going on. We just go from there," Jackson said. "But I'm not really focused on it so I'm not really up there like, 'Yeah, I'm feeling like this' or 'I want this' or 'I think this works.' I'm focused on winning. I want my team to be great if anything."

Jackson did not expound upon who his "people" are, saying he wants to keep that in-house.

Jackson said a contract extension is "hopefully coming soon" but reiterated, as he has throughout the offseason, that he's not stressing over it.

"I'm not worried about that right now. I've still got two more years left on my first [contract]," Jackson said. "I'm worried about getting my Super Bowl here and bringing it back home so we can celebrate that and focus on that.

"I'm focused on winning. If you're not winning, they're not talking about no contract with you. I'm trying to win as much as I can and get us a Super Bowl. That's what I'm focused on."


305: Lamar Jackson Joins The Lounge

Lamar Jackson talks about his contract situation, ongoing criticism, outlook for the passing attack, Super Bowl expectations and more as training camp kicks off.

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