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Lamar Jackson Got a Massive Faith, Family and Football Tattoo

Lamar Jackson shares a picture of his new tattoo.
Lamar Jackson shares a picture of his new tattoo.

There's no doubting Lamar Jackson's priorities – and they are permanent.

The Ravens' MVP quarterback recently got a massive tattoo across his chest. The image was shared by Jackson's tattoo artist from Ace of Spades Tattoo Studio in Florida.

Jackson's tattoo artist wrote that the "monster piece" was started just before THE quarantine went into effect and there's a lot more to be done once they can reconvene.

"We had to start it off with FAITH FAMILY AND FOOTBALL before anything else," the artist wrote.

"Meeting this young man was definitely refreshing cause I can only name a handful of authentic [people] in the sports world and I'm happy most of my clients have been them. … Honestly, I can see why [he] might really be the new face of the NFL. Keep it up my boi."

The tattoo has a religious white dove near Jackson's right shoulder, and what certainly looks to be raven feathers.

Under the huge letters of "Family" and the football is his mother's name, Felicia. Felicia Jones has been a huge part of Jackson's success, helping to push him as a kid and shoving aside those who tried to divert him from being a quarterback. She's also his manager and agent.

Jackson put a "Truzz" below he and his mother's names. Jackson started the "Truss" saying in Baltimore and running back Mark Ingram II added the "Big" to the front, but Jackson has personally often said it as "truzz" instead of "truss."

When asked last season what keeps him humble, Jackson gave this answer:

"The Lord. I give Him all His praise, the glory, the honor, because of what I am. I could have been doing anything, it's crazy. I'll be thinking about it, talking to Him throughout the day, like, 'Man, I appreciate you, I thank you.' Because if you feel like you're bigger than the Lord, that's when all that success dies, it goes away. You got to let Him know He's the reason you [have had] that much success. So I appreciate that from Him. And I've got my family around me, my teammates, great teammates, coaching staff. We've just got to keep it going and let the Lord know He's No. 1."

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