Lamar Jackson Returns to Practice, Will Play vs. Bengals


Lamar Jackson is back on the practice field and will play Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.

"One hundred percent," Jackson said as he walked onto the field. "Let's do it."

Jackson did not practice Wednesday and Thursday, marking the first time in his three-year career that he missed back-to-back practices.

"What happened was Wednesday his knee just felt sore. He just felt like he needed to try to rest it a little bit," Head Coach John Harbaugh said.

"Then Thursday he was ready to go but he got sick. His stomach was really bothering him, so he had to go home. I don't know if he ate something bad or what it was, but we all get something like that periodically. It was just strange timing on that whole deal. But he's good to go."

While Jackson will play, it still isn't ideal that he missed two days of full practice in preparation for facing the Bengals. He was still in meetings and Harbaugh said Jackson will put in some extra time with Quarterbacks Coach James Urban.

"Of course, you always want the reps, but sometimes you can't always get the reps," Harbaugh said. "It probably stands out more with a quarterback than with other positions, but we'll just keep rolling and we have a lot of reps stacked up. He'll go play the game as best he can. I'm very confident that he'll play well."

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