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Lamar Jackson Shrugs Off Breaking Dan Marino's Wins Record 

QB Lamar Jackson
QB Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson keeps setting records, though he's too modest to boast about them.

Jackson set the NFL record for most wins by a quarterback under the age of 25 since the NFL-AFL merger (1970) with Baltimore's 34-6 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers. It was the 35th victory for Jackson during his young career, moving him past Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino, who won 34 games before he turned 25 years old.

Jackson won't turn 25 until Jan. 7, two days before the Ravens' regular-season finale, so he has plenty of time to add to the record.

Winning is what the Ravens have done since Jackson became their starting quarterback, as Sunday's victory raised his regular season record to 35-8.

The Ravens were 5-4 in 2018 when Jackson took over and led them to a 6-1 finish and a playoff berth. In 2019, the Ravens set the franchise record for most wins in a season (14-2) and Jackson won the Most Valuable Player Award by a unanimous vote. In 2020, the Ravens finished 11-5 to make the playoffs again, ending the season on a five-game winning streak.

Now in 2021, the Ravens (5-1) have another five-game winning streak and Jackson is an MVP candidate again. He has enjoyed better statistical games than he had Sunday (19 for 27, 167 yards passing, 57 yards rushing, one touchdown, two interceptions). But anyone who measures Jackson by statistics alone misses the point. Winning is what drives him, and his relentless approach to winning is part of what makes him great.

That does not mean Jackson will spend 35 minutes talking about winning his 35th game. He evades tacklers, and he evades calling attention to himself. Asked his reaction to breaking the record following Sunday's game, Jackson was brief.

"It's pretty cool," Jackson said smiling. "I don't know what to say after that. It's cool."

Do records matter to him?

"We're on the road to something else," Jackson said. "If it happens, it happens. But we want something else."

Jackson was asked why asked why he seemed subdued after Sunday's victory.

"It's a lot of season left," Jackson said. "We just want to keep winning. A game at a time. That's all."

Head Coach John Harbaugh knows that Jackson is all about winning, which is why he viewed his latest record as significant.

"That's the biggest one (winning)," Harbaugh said. "Have people heard of that one? I know they said they haven't heard about all these records – they have heard of about that one. I promise you that's what Lamar's most proud of, and that's the one we're the most proud of, absolutely."

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