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Lamar Jackson Meets a Big Fan ... Drew Brees' Son


It's no secret that Lamar Jackson will be one of the main attractions at the Pro Bowl this week for players, fans, and even children of Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees posted a picture on Instagram of his son, Baylen, holding a Ravens helmet and wearing purple with the caption: "Lamar, my son is looking for you at [the] Pro Bowl this week. You are his guy! He's pumped to meet you."

Jackson replied, "Can't wait to meet him."

It didn't take long for it to happen! Jackson caught up with Brees and his son before the first practice.

"Great guy. He can throw the ball. He's like baby Drew," Jackson said.

It says something when the son of a future Hall of Fame quarterback is looking up to Jackson. That's the kind of likeability Jackson has established in just two seasons.

Even though Jackson is one of the game's biggest stars, he's stargazing at the other players around him and was blown away by Brees reaching out.

"To be honest, I was kind of startled. I was choking over my words," Jackson said. "I'm like, 'Drew Brees is really talking to me right now. Bro, this man is a G.O.A.T. I was enjoying it. I learned a lot watching him play and stuff like that, his poise and how he goes about the game. I asked Mark Ingram a lot of questions about him."

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