Late for Work 2/12: Ravens Players Buzzing About Jarvis Landry and Johnny Manziel


Eric Weddle Is Jumping on the Jarvis Landry Bandwagon, Marlon Humphrey Likes the Idea of Johnny Manziel in Baltimore

It's officially the offseason, a time when everyone's dreams run wild … even for players.

And for some Ravens players, those dreams include wide receiver Jarvis Landry and quarterback Johnny Manziel becoming their teammates.

Safety Eric Weddle is the latest to jump on the Landry-to-Baltimore bandwagon, which was started by his teammate and fellow safety Tony Jefferson.

Landry randomly tweeted the word "DIFFERENT" Saturday, and Weddle replied. Jefferson jumped into the action too.

Of course, Weddle and Jefferson will have to patiently wait a month to see if Landry even becomes available. And even then, we don't know whether General Manager Ozzie Newsome wants to pursue the Pro Bowl wide receiver. Team brass has not, and will not, reveal its offseason free agency blueprint.

Landry isn't scheduled to become a free agent until March 14, and the Miami Dolphins could either re-sign him during that time or apply the franchise tag to prevent him from hitting the market. He is expected to command a payday worthy of a No. 1 receiver in the neighborhood of $14 million annually.

Meanwhile, there was also some internet buzz about free agent quarterback Johnny Manziel coming to Baltimore after being out of the NFL for two years. Manziel, the Cleveland Browns' 2014 first-round pick, appeared on "Good Morning America" Monday to talk about his struggles with addiction and how it led to him losing his NFL job.

Jefferson and Ravens rookie cornerback Marlon Humphrey showed some love to Manziel over the weekend. It started with Jefferson posting an Instagram picture of himself wearing Manziel's new merchandise line.

Jefferson made it clear in the comments section of his post that he was not advocating for Baltimore to sign Manziel. He said he was only promoting "my friends clothing brand." However, Humphrey did take the extra step and wrote, "Tell him to come to the Ravens...!"

While the Ravens are in search of a new backup quarterback for Joe Flacco, ESPN doesn't see Humphrey's wish coming true.

"It's unlikely to happen for a myriad of reasons, from Manziel's nonstop partying to his struggles on the field," the website wrote. "But it really has no shot unless the Ravens change a team rule issued by Owner Steve Bisciotti. After the Ray Rice scandal, the Ravens made it clear they won't draft or sign anyone who has had a domestic violence incident in his background."

Somebody Mailed Humphrey a Phone Charger

You have to appreciate those fans that go the extra mile.

After Humphrey was arrested two weeks ago for allegedly stealing a $15 cell phone charger from an Uber driver, a fan did everything in his or her power to ensure the Ravens' top draft pick wouldn't be without one again.

A preliminary hearing for Humphrey’s case is scheduled for March 1 in the Tuscaloosa County District Court, according to The Baltimore Sun, when a judge will hear evidence to determine whether the case will continue. Humphrey's lawyer told The Sun he believes the case will be dismissed.

"Marlon told us that it was a misunderstanding regarding a $15 telephone charger, which he thought was his," the Ravens wrote in a statement last month. "Our understanding is that he has been interviewed by University of Alabama Police and is cooperating. We are monitoring the situation."

Stat of the Week: Justin Tucker vs. Super Bowl Kickers

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker is so good that he made Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback "stat of the week" without even playing football.

King found it interesting to compare Tucker's extra-point efficiency for his entire six-year career against the extra-point efficiency in the Super Bowl.

Philadelphia's Jake Elliot and New England's Stephen Gostkowski were a combined 4-of-6 for a 67 percent conversion rate in the championship game.

Tucker is 228-of-228 for a 100 percent conversion rate.* *

While the extra point is considered an easy score, Tucker is the only kicker in NFL history to make every single one he's ever attempted (minimum of 200 kicks), according to ESPN Stats and Information. He's actually never missed an extra point in his life, including his high school and college days.

Despite his miss in the Super Bowl, Gostkowski holds the record for the most consecutive extra points made with 478 from 2006-16. For Tucker to beat that mark, he'd need to be perfect for approximately another eight years.

He'll also have to do so from a slightly more difficult range. The NFL moved the extra-point attempts from the 2-yard line to the 15-yard line in 2015, turning a 19-yard kick into a 32-yard boot.

"I think the idea is to add excitement to every single play," Tucker said at the time. "But really what it does is make every kicker's job a little bit harder."

Ravens' New WR DeVier Posey Hopes to Become the Next Doug Flutie

Wide receiver DeVier Posey, who the Ravens signed last week, left the NFL in 2016 with the ultimate goal of returning.

He decided to play in the Canadian Football League to try to jumpstart his career after making just 22 catches for 272 yards in four NFL seasons. He feels he accomplished the first part of his goal by becoming the Grey Cup MVP while putting up seven catches for 175 yards and a touchdown in the championship game.

It was enough to be signed by the Ravens, but only time will tell whether the second part of Posey's goal will be realized. He wants to be the next Doug Flutie.

"I've looked up to people like Doug Flutie my whole life," Posey told Glenn Clark Radio, per PressBox. "And I don't know if you know his story, but he's the only other Grey Cup MVP to have played in the NFL and the CFL after he won the Grey Cup MVP. I think, for me, just believing that rhetoric and believing that story and knowing like 'this is what's supposed to happen, this is what's meant to be.' It's a goal that I had set out when I went up there.

"I'm just excited to throw on the purple and black and just represent what Baltimore represents as a whole. The culture -- hard working, blue collar people who are all about earning everything they get in life. I think for me, I mean, that's the story of my career, and that's the stor10y of where I come from. So I think it was a perfect match and a perfect fit. You just get a good feeling when you're around the building."

Colts Tweet Proof That New Head Coach Deal is Real

You have to appreciate the Indianapolis Colts for finding a way to have fun with what had to be a upsetting week.

The franchise thought it had hired its next head coach in Josh McDaniels, and even tweeted the pending agreement, only for McDaniels to back out at the last minute to stay in New England as the offensive coordinator.

After getting burned, it's understandable that Colts fans were a little incredulous when the team later announced that former Eagles offensive coordinator and Maryland quarterback Frank Reich would be the new head coach.

Was Indy really going from hiring the Super Bowl's losing offensive coordinator to the Super Bowl's winning offensive coordinator?

Yup. And they had actual photographic evidence.

It's Coach Billick … Not Belichick

Guys, let's get it straight.

Brian BILLICK is the former Ravens head coach that brought Baltimore its first Lombardi Trophy in 2000. He's now an analyst for the NFL Network.

Bill BELICHICK is the current Patriots head coach that held cornerback Malcolm Butler out of the Super Bowl after Butler had played 98 percent of the team's snaps during the regular season.

Billick had nothing to do with that decision.

When are you going to say why you sat Butler in the SB? — David Stennis (@DavidStennis37) February 10, 2018

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