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Late For Work 2/5: Joe Flacco Appears On 'The Late Show' With David Letterman


Flacco On 'The Late Show' With Letterman

Joe Flacco's officially a star. And he's letting his cool personality shine.

Flacco appeared on "The Late Show" with David Letterman last night for about nine minutes. Quite frankly, he rocked it.

Here are some highlights:

On his contract: "Well, you know, actually, I only talked to [Owner Steve Bisciotti] a little bit before this game. But before the New England game, you know, he just came up to me and said, 'Listen, this is our time, and go get 'em. We have all the faith in you, and this is going to be your team for a long time."

On whether he'll pound on his desk: "Well earlier in the year, when I wasn't signing what they wanted me to sign, [Bisciotti] said, 'Listen, when the time comes, you come and beat on my desk.' And I said, 'All right, I'll take you up on that.' And I think the time has come."

On being a Raven for life: "I think it's definitely possible."

On if it's that difficult to be an "elite" quarterback: "I think it's part of the myth. If I were trying to be a comedian, then I wouldn't be too good at that. If you were trying to be a quarterback, you probably wouldn't be that good at it."

On what the "deal" is with Ray Lewis: [Laughs] "Well, half the time I don't know."

On Lewis using "deer hoof" spray: [Laughs] "You'll have to ask him about that one, man."

On if he found the power outage suspicious: "Believe me, don't get me started. My dad is a big conspiracy theorist, so that's the last thing we need to talk about."

On if it's something 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh might have been up to: "Hey, being an older brother and having a lot of younger ones, that's definitely something they would do."

On whether he'll let his son play football: "No doubt about it. I don't know if he'll ever be able to play at the level we play at. But football's a great sport. It's the reason why I'm able to live the life I live today and the reason why he's going to grow up the way he's going to grow up."

On his favorite moment from the game: "My favorite moment was the fourth down and them not getting it."

On his best play: "I think the big play was [when] we had a third-and-short and I threw the ball to Anquan [Boldin] on our sideline and he went up and made a hell of a catch. That's a play we'll remember for a while and I think that's probably what got us the game."

On how many plays he knows by heart: "Probably about 100. … An NFL playbook is much easier than people make it out to be. I mean, c'mon."

Lombardi Trophy Briefly Missing

Before you have a panic attack, the Lombardi Trophy is in the Ravens' possession.

At least NOW it is.

Head Coach John Harbaugh opened his Monday morning press conference by picking up the Lombardi Trophy and seemingly joking, "We hadn't seen this since last night. We thought we'd lost it."

Turns out it wasn't lost, but just rather sort of misplaced. Or at least there was some confusion.

The trophy did not make it to the Ravens’ postgame party, Senior Vice President of Public and Community Relations Kevin Byrne told The Washington Post in an email.

I can confirm that the Ravens have the trophy now. It was passed around the team plane on the way back from New Orleans so that every player, coach and staff member flying on the Ravens charter had a chance to touch it and take photos.

Ray Lewis tweeted about his flight home with trophy.

My last ride.. Up in the clouds... This feeling is so real.We coming home with the crown Baltimore.… — Ray Lewis (@raylewis) February 4, 2013

Greatest Super Bowl Ever?

Soon after Super Bowl XLVII was over, there was chatter about how epic of a game it was. Was it the best ever?

That's what outside linebacker Terrell Suggs![](/team/roster/terrell-suggs/ad26be43-1380-45f1-b047-a91e850d9761/ "Terrell Suggs") told Yahoo! Sports.

To give Sizzle at least some credibility on the issue, remember that he is a movie producer. So he knows a thing or two about a good storyline.

"It was the greatest [Super Bowl] ever," Suggs said. "It was everything you could ask for. If you are the champion, you're going to think it is the greatest no matter what.

"But look at what you had. You had a great story. You had our team just going out there and taking it. You had touchdowns. You had great plays. You had crazy stuff going on. You had touchdowns. You had defense. You had tackles. And you had the right winner."

Super Bowl XLVII was the highest-scoring Super Bowl since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 48-21 blowout win over the Oakland Raiders in 2003, yet provided an exhilarating ending.

Multiple records also were set. Jacoby Jones' 108-yard kickoff return was the longest play ever in a Super Bowl. His 290 total yards were the most ever in a Super Bowl. It was the longest Super Bowl ever at 4 hours, 14 minutes.

"Was it great?" Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said. "Well, it is hard to see how it could be greater. Winning the Super Bowl is what it is all about. You can't pick and choose how you want to win it.

"But to win it against a great team and a great coach – that is just about as good as it gets."

Jones Delivers Free Furniture

Jones did more than deliver a 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. He sent Baltimore residents home with a whole bunch of free furniture after his Super Bowl performance.

Gardiners Furniture put up three and a half days of furniture sales on the line that a Raven wouldn't run an opening half kickoff back for a touchdown. No way, right?

Wrong. Now, if you bought a piece of furniture during the sale, you get your money back. It's on the house.

Tom Carter came to the furniture store to collect his $763.18 for a box spring he bought. He's going to name it Jacoby. (By the way, who names a box spring?)

All told, And Gardiners is willing to pay about $600, 000 worth of furniture that was sold to 624 customers over that three and a half day period. They did take out an insurance policy on the sale, however, so it won't cost the store that much money.

The owner of the store said he was happy to honor the sale and for the free publicity.

"Nobody was more surprised than I was when the second half opened and Jacoby Jones runs the kickoff for a touchdown. Within seconds my phone was ringing," Gardiners Furniture Owner Gary Mulhanney said.

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Flacco got the keys to a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray for winning Super Bowl MVP. If he keeps the car, however, he'll owe about $25,700 in income taxes. He could also donate it. [Forbes] * Some interesting stats about how Flacco was so successful in the playoffs and Super Bowl specifically. [ESPN] * Former teammate and current CBS Sports Network analyst Trevor Pryce called out Ray Lewis for playing with a "case of the nerves" in Super Bowl XLVII. [USA Today] * The Super Bowl was the most watched show in U.S. television history with 164.1 million viewers. [CBS Sports] * Ed Reed's family or friends didn't even let him ride shotgun after the Super Bowl win. TMZ named it the Clown Car Celebration.

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