M&T Bank Stadium Experience Ranked No. 2


The Ravens have the second-best stadium experience in the NFL, according to Stadium Journey.

The magazine and website presented their rankings of all 32 NFL stadium experiences, and the Ravens were only beaten out by the Colts' Lucas Oil Stadium.

"M&T Bank Stadium shows that the Ravens have done an outstanding job with their franchise," wrote Richard Smith. "The fans who attend will always have a memorable game day experience and get good value."

Smith gave the Ravens perfect five star ratings in four of the six categories: atmosphere, fans, access and extras. The only four-star ratings were for neighborhood and return on investment.

In reference to M&T Bank Stadium's atmosphere, Smith wrote:

"Expect the games to be loud inside the walls of the stadium. Every play, whether it be on defense or offense, will have the fans screaming at every detail. Even special teams plays are paid attention in great detail. The fans are knowledgeable about all aspects of the game."

When talking about fans, Smith wrote:

"Baltimore is a football town. They love smash-mouthed football and have no problem if the defense wins the game by smothering their opponents. Even when there was no NFL team in town, they embraced football variations offered by the USFL and the CFL in ways that other cities may have a hard time following.

"The fans will still respect fans who wear the opposing team's colors, but they still should not expect too much love. The fans are serious about the Ravens and defensive football."

The Ravens have spent a lot of money, time and thought to improve their stadium experience and keep it fresh over the years. Over the past three years, the improvements have cost $40 million.

In recent years, the Ravens renovated the lower and upper concourses, including new concession stands and better lighting and signage. The team replaces their old RavensVision boards with bigger, better video boards in each end zone.

This past year, the team installed a new WiFi system and added a freeD replay system, making Baltimore the only team in the league showing 360-degree replays. The team's stadium employees also went through extensive Disney customer service training.

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