Marc Trestman A 'Long Way Off' From Personalizing Offense

Ravens Offensive Coordinator Marc Trestman is still the student before becoming the teacher.

Hired on Jan. 20, Trestman has spent a great amount of time studying what former offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, the now Broncos' head coach, did in Baltimore. 

Only after going through that process will Trestman start to put his signature on the offense – and that could be a while.

"I don't think [putting on] my spin would be a good way of approaching it," Trestman said.

"We've gone into it collectively. We've spent a lot of time watching tape, getting an understanding of the terminology and how Gary went about doing things."

The Ravens set franchise highs in points (25.6) and yards (364.9) per game in 2014 under Kubiak's leadership. Even though Kubiak departed, Baltimore will keep the same West Coast offensive system that he ushered in during 2014.

Trestman, who also has roots in the West Coast system, will adapt to Kubiak's terminology and playbook to make the transition to a fourth offensive coordinator in as many years smoother for the rest of the team. The Ravens want to keep their positive offensive momentum rolling.

Of course, Trestman isn't the same coach as Kubiak. He will have his own nuances, but for now, he is mostly studying and talking with the other offensive coaches about what has been done previously.

"I think we're a long way off from personalizing anything," Trestman said. "I don't think it ever really gets to that point. We're going to do things together as a staff and build it with our players, and certainly with Joe."

Trestman said the transition has been "awesome" and described it as a "very supportive environment." They've been getting organized, Trestman said.

"I think that's really the starting point of building the foundation for this thing is really going at it hard with the staff and on my own to learn the way things were done, get a sense of the system and the personnel and how to use them," he said. "Then we'll take it from there."

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