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Mark Andrews Explains Flag Plant Touchdown Celebration


It was Rivalry Week in college football on Saturday.

And one of those college grudges showed up Sunday as the Ravens welcomed the San Francisco 49ers to M&T Bank Stadium. 

Tight end Mark Andrews, who played at Oklahoma, took a playful jab at 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa with a touchdown celebration in the first half of Baltimore's 20-17 victory. Andrews pretended to plant a flag in the end zone, which was in reference to a back-and-forth between Bosa and Andrews' college teammate and good friend Baker Mayfield.

When Oklahoma beat Ohio State in 2017, Mayfield actually planted the Oklahoma flag at midfield of Ohio Stadium. Bosa then got his revenge against Mayfield this season and mimicked that flag planting as a sack dance when the 49ers beat the Browns.

Sunday was Andrews' opportunity to get in on the action, which he did after a leaping 20-yard touchdown.

"It was a little comeback," Andrews said.

Baltimore's tight end even mimicked Bosa's post-game press conference from earlier this year where he talked about yelling "Baker, Baker" throughout the game.

"It was like, 'Bosa, Bosa!' One of those things. Just like he said, 'Baker, Baker,'" Andrews said. "It is what it is. Just having fun out there.

"You kind of talk bad about Oklahoma, you're going to get reprimanded."

Andrews may be in his second NFL season, but it's clear that those college rivalries run deep. Ravens right tackle Orlando Brown Jr., a fellow Sooner and good friend of Mayfield's, said the celebration wasn't premeditated.

"I wish I would have known. I definitely would have helped plant it," Brown said with a smile. "He didn't tell me. I had no idea. I think he just went with the trolling thing they did once they hit our dance [from Monday Night Football]. He planted the flag out of emotion."

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