Mark Ingram Busts Out Roundhouse Karate Kick Touchdown Celebration

RB Mark Ingram II celebrates his 4th down touchdown with a karate kick

Mark Ingram II may have a new nickname – Karate Kid.

The Ravens running back busted out a roundhouse kick after scoring a 30-yard touchdown on a direct snap on fourth-and-1 in the fourth quarter of the Ravens' 33-16 win in Houston.

You've probably never seen a formation with five blockers on the line of scrimmage to the left of the center (and nine blockers overall). And there's no way you've seen a celebration like this before.

"Fun fact, I was a first-degree black belt growing up," Ingram said. "I don't have all my skills I had back then, but I can still do a reverse kick. I didn't connect it, but it was still sweet."

Ingram recalled boxing the Chiefs logo after a touchdown in Arrowhead Stadium last season, but the Ravens lost that game. This time, he wanted to add a little something extra.

"I just kind of did it," Ingram said. "I punched it and then I was like, 'Let me just go ahead and put a roundhouse kick on it."

The Ravens will face the Chiefs on Monday Night Football in Week 3. What moves will Ingram have in store for primetime?

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