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Mark Ingram Launches 'Truss Levelz' Podcast With Former Teammate


Two of the NFL's most entertaining personalities are joining forces to jump into the podcast game.

Ravens running back and former teammate New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan are launching "Truss Levelz" in partnership with The Players' Tribune.

The weekly podcast will "dive into everything from player origin stories and influences, to current events from the worlds of football, music, gaming, and beyond, to off-day indulgences and hobbies."

The first of 10 episodes launches Wednesday with Ingram and Jordan interviewing Saints running back Alvin Kamara. They got some big-time guests, including Ravens Lamar Jackson and Marquise "Hollywood" Brown. Player guests outside of Baltimore and New Orleans include Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, Titans running back Derrick Henry, 49ers tight end George Kittle, Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans and Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner.

"I'm thrilled to be joining The Players' Tribune and reunite with my boy Cam to give listeners an in-depth look into the lives of today's biggest NFL players and unpacking how they got to the top of their game," Ingram said in a press release from The Players' Tribune.

Ravens fans can find "Truss Levelz" wherever they listen to their podcasts. And this is also a good time to remind fans to listen and subscribe to Season 2 of "What Happened to That Guy?," in which our own John Eisenberg talks to former Baltimore Ravens about their careers and life after football. You can find that and "The Lounge" weekly podcast by searching for “Ravens Podcast Network."

Also, in early October, the Ravens will launch "Black in the NFL," a new podcast looking at how race impacts the NFL and its players. So stay tuned for that groundbreaking podcast with our own Clifton Brown.

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