Mason Believes A Super Bowl Coming


During his retirement press conference Monday, former Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason apologized to Baltimore fans for not being able to help bring them a Super Bowl during his six seasons with the team.

But he also believes that a championship isn't far off for the Ravens.

"I'm sorry that we couldn't get a Super Bowl while I was here, but with Joe [Flacco] at the helm, I believe a Super Bowl is coming very soon," Mason said.

Mason spent three years catching passes from Flacco, and he believes in the Ravens fifth-year quarterback.

"I think you all are in good hands with Joe, who to me, is one of the best quarterbacks in the league," Mason said. "He proved that last year."

Flacco's numbers dipped in some areas last season, but Mason saw Flacco make strides in other areas.

The biggest improvement Flacco made was taking over as the leader of the offense, Mason said.

"He improved as far as him controlling the offense, him being the guy now," Mason said. "He improved in that area and that's what you want your quarterback to do. Sometimes the numbers might not be there, but if you can see him make that improvement, maturity wise and leadership wise, then you have a good thing."

Another player that Mason believes has a bright future ahead is second-year receiver Torrey Smith. As a rookie, Smith led the Ravens with seven receiving touchdowns and had 841 receiving yards on 50 receptions.

Mason could see those numbers making a big jump this season.

"If he can stay on the field for a full 16 games, then I think his numbers will basically almost double from what he had last year because ultimately I think he will be the go-to guy," Mason said. "It's hard for a rookie to come in without any training camp and do what he did and he excelled. I think he surpassed expectations."

In addition to Flacco and Smith, the Ravens offense also has two Pro Bowlers in running back Ray Rice in the backfield and veteran receiver Anquan Boldin, who Mason referred to as the "consummate pro."

With all of those pieces, Mason believes the offense could be difficult for teams to stop.

"You got some guys on that offense that are going to make sure this team is good moving forward," Mason said. "I think ya'll are in good hands."

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