Michael Campanaro Gets to Punch Everyone in the Arm After Big Night


Wide receiver Michael Campanaro just pranked ya'll, and he got the Indianapolis Colts too.

After catching a 6-yard touchdown in Baltimore's 23-16 win over the Indianapolis Colts, Campanaro summoned the NFL Network cameras and pulled an age-old prank on a national audience.

It's called "The Circle Game."

For those who don't know the rules, if you look at an "A-Okay" sign below the waist (and don't break the circle), you get punched in the arm. Looks like Campanaro appropriately held the signal low, so it stands after review.

Campanaro said the Ravens play the game all the time in the locker room, and he's had it in the back of his mind, just waiting to get in the end zone for a prime-time game.

"I feel like I got the whole country," Campanaro said. "Anybody who is watching, I got them."

The touchdown deserved some celebration, and it wasn't his only big play of the night.

It was Campanaro's first receiving score since his rookie year in 2014, when he scored a 19-yard touchdown in a five-touchdown day for quarterback Joe Flacco in Tampa Bay.

Campanaro scored a rushing touchdown in 2015 and punt return touchdown earlier this season, but it meant a lot to get in as a receiver after he flashed so much potential in that area only to have it derailed in recent years by injuries.

With Jeremy Maclin sidelined by a knee injury, Campanaro got more offensive attention than usual. He entered the game with 14 catches for 116 yards receiving.

On Saturday night, he had just two catches for 21 yards and a touchdown in the box score, but also drew a holding call and pass interference penalty on the Ravens' key fourth-quarter touchdown drive. He also had a 9-yard carry.

"He ran some really good routes; it was tough to check him," Head Coach John Harbaugh said. "They were forced to hold him one time and he still made the catch and then it was clear pass interference on the sideline back there."

Harbaugh also gave credit to the Ravens' other receivers who stepped up. Wide receiver Chris Moore, who stepped in for Maclin as a starter, had two grabs for 29 yards and Breshad Perriman caught two passes for 14 yards, both in traffic.

"Guys have to step up; that's how it is," Campanaro said. "This time of year, there's going to be injuries. I know myself and Maxx [Williams], we have a ton of confidence when we're out there that we can play."

Williams caught a 4-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter that proved to be the difference. Much like Campanaro, it was his first receiving touchdown since his rookie year in 2015. Williams missed almost all last season with a rare knee injury/surgery.

"It's great to score, but at that point, I was just thinking about winning the game," Williams said. "I didn't think much about it, but now I'll take it as a Christmas present."

Check out the scenes from M&T Bank Stadium as the Ravens host the Colts in week 16 of the NFL season!

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