Michael Vick to Lamar Jackson: Did You Have to Pass Me in Madden, Too? 


Michael Vick loves everything about Lamar Jackson. Well, almost everything.

When the developers of the "Madden" video game gave Jackson a 96 speed rating last month, he surpassed Vick as the fastest quarterback in the game's history.

Vick is still getting used to that idea.

"The Madden rating is probably the only thing I'm a little bit hot about," Vick said, laughing during a Tuesday phone interview. "He's about to break my (single-season QB rushing) record, and now he's taking my Madden record too? Man, can't we both have the same speed?"

Now an analyst for FOX, Vick is fully prepared to watch Jackson set the single-season rushing record by a quarterback Thursday night when the Ravens host the New York Jets. Jackson needs just 23 rushing yards to break the record of 1,039 yards set by Vick in 2006 with the Atlanta Falcons.

Vick had plenty to say about the season Jackson is having during a Q&A that will be posted Wednesday.

As for the Madden rating, Vick sent Jackson a nice video message after Madden announced that Jackson's game speed would be bumped up to 96.

"I'm honored that Madden wanted to hand that speed title over to him," Vick said Tuesday. "I'm not a hater. I'm for progress, the greater good of the game, because I love football. You're not going to hold accolades forever. I had the top speed. Now Lamar has it. No love lost for Madden. In my prime, maybe he'd beat me in a footrace, but we'll never know."

Vick joined Madden as a "Ratings Adjustor" at the Ravens-Rams Monday Night Football game in Los Angeles in Week 12, where Vick saw Jackson throw five touchdowns and run for 95 yards. Vick will not be at Thursday night's game.

Vick plays Madden NFL 20 regularly, and when he does, he usually plays with Jackson as his quarterback.

"Yeah, I play using Lamar. I pass the football a lot, and I only run when I have to," Vick said. "I play the way I would've played if I had a chance to do it all over again."

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