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Mike Wallace, Joe Flacco Connection Headed In Right Direction


The Ravens didn't wait long Saturday night to test out the Joe Flacco-Mike Wallace connection that has looked so good in practice all summer. Flacco heaved a deep pass for Wallace on the first play from scrimmage, indicating what the Ravens have in mind for the veteran free-agent acquisition.

That first pass fell incomplete, a couple steps out of Wallace's reach, but the receiver was open and Flacco admitted that he was "pissed" at missing a potential touchdown.

The early incompletion didn't deter Flacco from going back to Wallace, and the pair connected for three competitions on the first two series. Flacco targeted Wallace five times in his quarter of work, more than any other receiver.

"We have a lot to clean up, but I like the direction that we're heading," Wallace said. "I feel really good. My confidence is high."

Saturday's game was Flacco's first and only preseason action, so it was important for him to continue to build chemistry with Wallace in a game atmosphere. Wallace finished the night with three catches for 37 yards.

Flacco targeted Wallace on deep, short and intermediate routes, showing the Ravens want to use the speedster in more roles than just nine-routes to stretch the defense. Wallace is best known for his big-play ability, but he's acclimated well to the quick-strike offense the Ravens have employed during training camp.  

"Everything is going well," Wallace said. "[Offensive Coordinator Marc] Trestman does a good job of setting us up to get us in the right place at the right time."

While Wallace was a popular target for Flacco, it was also apparent that they still have to work through some communication issues as new teammates. Flacco threw a pass in Wallace's direction on a fourth-down attempt, but the pass soared well over the receiver's head as they weren't on the same page about the route.

"We threw a little zone route and thought we would have completed that one, and I was a little disappointed not to compete that pass, but it's something that we'll have oiled up and ready," Flacco said. "I think the operation of it was good. We just didn't execute at the highest level, and therefore let me kind of get in there and bat it down."

Flacco has praised the addition of Wallace and what he could bring to the offense. Wallace gives the Ravens a speed threat they were lacking last season, and he is also motivated to prove himself after his frustrating season in Minnesota last year.

With Wallace, Breshad Perriman and rookie Chris Moore all in the fold going into the Week 1 opener against Buffalo, the Ravens have high hopes for what they will be able to accomplish with their passing game.

"We're almost there," Flacco said. "We have a couple more weeks to work. But really at this point, it's going to be specializing in Buffalo and just getting ready for them. We've put all the work in at this point; we've got to have the confidence that we're ready to go."

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