Mike Wallace Promises a Better Ravens Performance vs. Pittsburgh


While Sunday's 44-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars was tied for the most lopsided defeat in Ravens history, the team has shown a penchant for bouncing back from rough outings.

And it's something wide receiver Mike Wallace promised after Sunday's letdown.

"You will not see this again on Sunday," Wallace said. "I can promise you that."

Under Head Coach John Harbaugh (since 2008), the Ravens are 5-2 in games following defeats by 20 or more points.

Here's the history:

2008Week 6Loss to Indianapolis, 31-3Week 7Win over Miami, 27-13
2008Week 11Loss to New York Giants, 30-10Week 12Win over Philadelphia, 36-7
2011Week 15Loss to San Diego 34-14Week 16Win over Cleveland, 20-14
2012Week 7Loss to Houston, 43-13(after bye) Week 9Win over Cleveland, 25-15
2013Week 16Loss to New England 41-7Week 17Loss to Cincinnati, 34-17
2014Week 9Loss to Pittsburgh, 43-23Week 10Win over Tennessee, 21-7
2015Week 14Loss to Seattle, 35-6Week 15Loss to Kansas City, 34-14

"Everybody here knows, the year we won the Super Bowl, we got drubbed by Houston," cornerback Jimmy Smith said. "It's one game. It doesn't count as two losses. It counts as one. We go back to the drawing board and get ready for the next game."

Harbaugh referenced a phrase he got from sportscaster, and former coach, Mike Gottfried, in which he said, "You win or learn." There is no winning and losing.

Thus, the Ravens need to learn from the mistakes they made against the Jaguars and turn the page.

"We're fully capable of playing [well]," Harbaugh said. "We'll work on correcting the things we need to correct, but you always have to do it with a forward mindset. We can't correct the mistake and then replay the game from last week. We have to apply the correction, the improvement to the next game."

There's a feeling around Baltimore that playing the Steelers after such an ugly defeat is a good thing. After all, Ravens players can't get more jacked up and focused than they do against their AFC North arch rivals.

On top of that, the Ravens and Steelers still both sit tied atop the AFC North after Week 3 losses. They're both 2-1 and Baltimore is trying to get to three wins all against division opponents.

Harbaugh said debating if the Steelers are the perfect opponent to face after such a loss is valid, but not something players or coaches think about. Wallace flat-out rejected it.

"I don't care who we play. It's not about Pittsburgh," said the former Steeler. "It's about our team and rebounding because we lost [Sunday] and we want to get better for the next week. They just happen to be the next people up on the schedule."

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