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Miles Boykin's Mother Makes 'Madden' History


What does Miles Boykin's mother have in common with Lamar Jackson? They both grace the cover of "Madden 21."

A couple months ago, Boykin tweeted that his mother, Felicia Boykin, just found out that she had been paying for his Xbox Live subscription since he was in the sixth grade. Upon seeing the tweet, Xbox reached out to the Ravens wide receiver with a plan to reward his mother.

Yesterday, Miles Boykin revealed the plan to the world and his mother. Thanks to her son, Xbox, Microsoft and EA Sports, Felicia, who is a healthcare worker, made history by becoming the first woman to grace a Madden cover.

She also received a custom Xbox One controller, custom cleats worn by her son painted with an image of her, and a pair of new Nike Air Zoom Pulses (the shoes made specifically for the everyday heroes on the frontline).

In addition, Felicia's closest health heroes will also receive copies of the game and Xbox consoles.

"You've always been there. You've helped me become the man I am today and I will forever be grateful to you," Boykin said. "I would give you the world if I could and you would still deserve better. You not only supported my passion for football, but also my second love of gaming."

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