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New Ravens Get Jersey Numbers. A Clash For No. 39?


The biggest news of the day has arrived for a lot of Ravens fans. That may not be sarcastic.

Jersey numbers for the Ravens' newest arrivals have been assigned.

Here are the details:

RB Danny Woodhead – No. 39
S Tony Jefferson – No. 21
CB Brandon Carr – No. 24
CB Tavon Young – No. 23
CB Maurice Canady – No. 26

The most interesting detail is that there may have been a clash for No. 39. Both Woodhead and Carr wore that number with their previous teams. Woodhead had it with the New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers. Carr wore it with the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys.

It's unclear how Woodhead came out the victor, but perhaps it was because he signed with the Ravens earlier than Carr. More details to come on this pressing story.

Carr went with No. 24, which he wore at Grand Valley State. It's a throwback to his Division II college roots. The Ravens, by the way, have two of the NFL's five players from Grand Valley State, as Carr joins outside linebacker Matthew Judon.

Jefferson took Lardarius Webb's No. 21 jersey number after he was released a couple weeks ago. Though Jefferson said on Twitter that he would give it back to Webb if he's re-signed.

Jefferson wore No. 22 with the Arizona Cardinals, but that's owned on the Ravens by top cornerback Jimmy Smith, who probably wasn't willing to give it up. Jefferson wore No. 1 in college at Oklahoma, but the NFL mandates which numbers each position group can don. Defensive backs must choose from Nos. 20-49.

Young wore No. 36 last season, but will switch to No. 23. He also wore No. 1 in college at Temple. Canady gets No. 26, which he wore in college at Virginia, with the departure of Matt Elam.

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