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Newlywed Game: The Foxworths


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D:  I have no idea. I was too mesmerized by her eyes, so I can't remember what she had on. [laughs] I think she wore a shirt and some pants and some shoes. That's my answer and I'm sticking to it.
A:  It was at the ESPN Zone. I was wearing jeans. I can't remember the top. I know what he was wearing, which is more important. He was wearing jeans that I thought were too baggy and a too big T-shirt that was black and it had white writing on it with some civil rights quote. He dresses differently these days.
Verdict: Errrrrr!

Domonique:  She would definitely say I'm the better catch. I'm thoughtful and kind.
Ashley:  He's full of himself so he would say him. But I would say it's pretty equal. I know him. Any questions of who's better than the other, it's definitely him. [laughs]
Verdict: Match

D:  Definitely not stay home and cuddle. I'll go with D.
A:  I wish it was C cause that would be an ideal afternoon for me. But he hates snuggling. He doesn't really like going out to dinner. He would rather a frozen pizza. I would say either A or D. If Xbox was on there, that would be it.
Verdict: Match

Q:  If she could go on a trip to anywhere in the world, where would Ashley want to go?

D:  I know she wants to go to Paris. She's mentioned that a few times. She was a French minor.
A:  I actually don't like traveling much. I'm slightly, slightly scared of planes. But if it was anywhere, it would be Paris. I took French. But we could stay home. That's good for me.
Verdict: Match

Q:  Who is the worse driver?

D:  Definitely her. Heavy on the gas and heavy on the brakes. She doesn't get in an accident, but it's herky-jerky the whole time. Just get in a lane and stick with it.
A:  I would say we're equal drivers; we just drive differently. He doesn't think so. He won't let me drive when he's in the car. He thinks he's going to throw-up and says he's on a rollercoaster.
Verdict: Match

Q:  What was the last book your spouse read?

D:  She's in law school so she reads all these books all the time. This one we might get wrong. I'm trying to think of law school books. I know her favorite book is, "To Kill A Mockingbird." How's that?
A:  Civil Disobedience by Thoreau. I picked it up for him after he got surgery. He really liked it. We were reading it together first and then I got bored and stopped. [laughs] I think he takes it to rehab.
Verdict: ½ credit

Q: When it comes to trash, how many times does Ashley have to ask Domonique before it's taken out?


A. Only onceB. 2-3 timesC. More than four

D:  None. She's a master of taking the trash down. It gets smooshed down. She avoids taking it out herself, but she never asks me.
A: I don't ever ask him. I feel bad; I take him for granted. The trash just goes out magically. I never ask, but it gets out somehow. There's a magical trash fairy or something.
Verdict: Match

Q: Who takes the longest to get ready in the morning?

D:  That's easy. She does. When her morning alarm goes off it takes her 30 more minutes to get out of bed. I'm up and ready for the day.
A:  I'll be honest. It's me. He's a really quick person, but whatever. I'm usually lollygagging.
Verdict: Match

Q: What color is Domonique's toothbrush?

D: It's a 100-pack from Sams and I just rotate them through. I think I'm on a red, pink one right now.
A:  I have no idea. He's obsessed with brushing his teeth, so I should know that. It's a primary color. It's white and something. I'm going to guess white and blue. Or white and yellow or white and red.
Verdict: ½ credit and that's lenient

Q:  What was Domonique's childhood nickname?

D: Nique
A: If I was his friend, it would have been Fox and Socks [from Dr. Seuss]. Fox is what people call him these days. I would say Dom or Nique. I don't know the chronological history of them. I'll go with Nique.
Verdict: Ding, ding, ding!

Final score: Foxworths matched on 8 of 10

After revealing the results of their quiz, Ashley proclaimed, "Wahoo, we can stay married!"

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