News & Notes: Greg Roman, Wink Martindale Respond to Head Coaching Buzz


The Ravens' coordinators are focusing on the job at hand, not potential job interviews.

Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman and Defensive Coordinator Wink Martindale are both being mentioned as potential NFL head coaching candidates for next season. That's a natural byproduct of the Ravens having the NFL's best record, with both coordinators drawing praise for their work.

On Sunday, CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reported that “multiple teams” will seek interviews with Roman. About a month ago, NFL Network's Mike Silver said he expects Martindale to be one of the top candidates this offseason.

However, both Roman and Martindale say the talk surrounding them isn't distracting. They both love their current job and are locked in, trying to help the Ravens win the Super Bowl.

Martindale said his son makes him aware of the job rumors as they come up. But the 56-year-old said it would take a special opportunity to entice him to leave Baltimore.

"We love this city," Martindale said. "It would have to be a dream-type job, where you know you could build the winning culture that we have here. That's huge in making a decision like that, going from coordinator to head coach.

"I think people get put in boxes. I don't think there's such a thing as an offensive head coach, or a defensive head coach, or a special teams head coach. Look at our head coach (John Harbaugh). He's the head coach, and he's built that culture, and I think that's key. The only time you get on those lists is (because of) the players. The game always has been, always will be about the players. Our guys have done a great job this year."

The Ravens have the league's highest-scoring offense, and Roman is drawing attention for his innovative rushing schemes and his play-calling. However, Roman is tuning out the noise, knowing the Ravens have a golden opportunity this season to accomplish something special.

"You just really don't even pay attention to it," Roman said. "I have so much to do and I love my job. I think the most important thing is, do a great job at the job you're doing. All that stuff will come to pass as it does. It's in other people's control. I've got every minute of every day filled up."

Martindale: It's 'Duck' Season

Pittsburgh's chances for an upset Sunday could rest heavily on the performance of undrafted rookie quarterback Devlin "Duck" Hodges. Over the last two games, Hodges has seriously struggled with one touchdown pass, six interceptions and a 41.7 quarterback rating. 

The Ravens got a look at Hodges in Week 5, when he played well off the bench (7-for-9, 68 yards, 98.1 passer rating, 20 rushing yards) after Mason Rudolph left the game with a concussion. Hodges was benched during the Steelers' loss to the New York Jets last week, then thrust back into action later in the game after Rudolph suffered a shoulder injury.

Martindale couldn't resist referring to Hodges' nickname as he talked about the challenge of preparing for him.

"We have to get after him," Martindale said. "Out in Carroll County, they told me it was duck season [starting] Dec. 16th. We'll see what happens."

Game Plan Being Tailored For RG3

With Robert Griffin III starting at quarterback Sunday, Roman is adjusting the game plan to suit Griffin's skillset. Both Griffin and Lamar Jackson are mobile quarterbacks, but their preferences for certain plays vary, and Roman wants to put Griffin in position to have optimum success.

"It will be a little bit different, but there will be some elements that are very similar," Roman said. "It's been fun. We're working through it. We still have more time to really prepare. I think we've got to make the best use of that time. Robert's really excited about it and we're all really excited about it. Love the energy going on right now."

Griffin has not started an NFL game since 2016, but he said the flexibility of the Ravens' offense makes it quarterback-friendly, regardless of who's playing the position.

"It's very multiple," Griffin said. "Obviously, you see what L.J. [Jackson] has done all year. It leans to my abilities, as well, so we've been very adaptable this year when teams come out and do something to try to stop us. We've had an answer, and I think that's a testament to all the coaches and all the hard work that they put into making the scheme multiple so we can adjust on the fly. That's the thing I like most about it. It's been cool to watch from the sidelines, but it'll be ever cooler to be on the field and running it."

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