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News & Notes: Mark Ingram Will Practice Full Speed Next Week


It appears that Mark Ingram's calf injury will not be an issue for the Ravens' divisional playoff game.

Given extra time to rest because of the Ravens' bye, Ingram has made good progress since suffering the injury on Dec. 22 in Cleveland.

"He's on track to play and he should be practicing next week full speed," Harbaugh said Friday.

Ingram feared the worst when he first suffered the injury, but it was later revealed to be a "mild to moderate" calf strain, according to Harbaugh.

The Pro Bowler ran for 1,018 yards and scored 15 total touchdowns this season. He averaged 5.0 yards per carry.

While the regular-season finale against the Steelers showed that the Ravens would still be in good hands with Gus Edwards and rookie Justice Hill, there's no question that Ingram makes Baltimore's rushing attack much more dangerous in the playoffs.

Lamar Jackson Has 'Heck of a Practice' After Flu, But Another Player Is Sick

Whatever disease is going around has come and gone for Lamar Jackson. After missing practice Tuesday, Jackson was back on the field Thursday and Friday.

"It was like a stomach bug kind of. It was weird – nasty for me," Jackson said, adding that there was even some numbness.

"I didn't want to get around nobody on my team. We needed to work and get better each and every day we can. But I'm over it, I'm good, I'm 100 right now."

Before his first career start last season, Jackson went to the hospital for extreme stomach pains. This was something different, but still not pleasant. The only good part was the timing of it, coming during a Week 17 in which Jackson didn't need to play and the Ravens' playoff bye week.

Jackson was on the bench during the Week 17 regular-season finale, but said he had to watch much of it from inside because he was feeling sick.

"He was good today. He was fully healthy today," Harbaugh said. "The biggest thing is probably getting those guys back up to weight with all the fluids and stuff like that. But Lamar had a heck of a practice and he looked 100 percent."

Tight end Hayden Hurst also caught some kind of bug because he missed practice Thursday. He was back on the field Friday, however.

"Hayden had something. I don't know what it was exactly, but it wasn't pretty," Harbaugh said. "I was a little surprised to see him out there – but he gutted it out – because he was still sick this morning."

Jackson Says Browns Better 'Chill Out' on Greg Roman

Ravens Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman interviewed with the Cleveland Browns Thursday night in Baltimore, and Roman's quarterback took notice.

"They need to chill out," Jackson said of the Browns. "We've got something to do right now. We need to focus. We're trying to get somewhere. Let us do ours. You guys going to have your turn when the season's over with."

Did Jackson tell Roman that?

"No, he should know that," Jackson said.

Defensive Coordinator Wink Martindale will interview with the New York Giants, reportedly on Saturday. Once Sunday hits, Baltimore's coordinators will be locked in on game-planning for their divisional opponent.

Harbaugh said he talked to Roman and Martindale a little bit about the interview process and they also both spent time with Executive Vice President Ozzie Newsome.

"They'll be very prepared," Harbaugh said. "Both of those guys would be great head coaches in the National Football League. I put David Culley in the same category. It's just a matter of the fit – whatever coach the team sees as the best fit for their team and organization."

Harbaugh said he's not aware of any more requests yet to interview his coordinators.

Marcus Peters Is the 'Russell Westbrook of the NFL'

Marcus Peters has definitely brought some more attitude to the Ravens' defense this season.

He clapped in DeAndre Hopkins' face when they went toe-to-toe in Week 11. Peters yelled at Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey for all of Monday Night Football to see. He slugged a beer in the stands after his game-sealing fourth down pass deflection in Buffalo.

The Ravens are Peters' third team in his five NFL seasons, and at each spot he's brought a reputation with him. In Baltimore, they're loving it.

"I feel like he's the [Russell] Westbrook of the NFL. If you're not on his team, he don't really care about you," outside linebacker Matthew Judon said. "He'll let you know that and he doesn't care if you know that. I definitely love what Marcus Peters brought to the team, and I'm glad we got him."

Defensive Backs Coach Chris Hewitt acknowledged the "hothead" narrative about Peters, but said he's been nothing but positive in Baltimore. He talked about his high IQ first and foremost.

"But talking about the passion, I think that's what fuels him to be the player that he is, because he's extremely competitive and he doesn't like to lose," Hewitt said. "It resonates throughout the entire secondary, and everybody else feeds off of him."

Veteran cornerback Jimmy Smith also talked about Peters' trash talking during games in this week's episode of "The Lounge."

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