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News & Notes: Ravens Focused on Winning, Not Help Needed


The Ravens need help to make the playoffs, but they are not worrying about the different scenarios needed to get in.

In fact, while Ravens fans break down the different scenarios, the players don't know what help they need. Their focus is on winning the next two games, starting Sunday against the New York Giants.

Lamar Jackson wore a T-shirt during Wednesday's videoconference with the word "finish" written on it.

Riding a three-game winning streak, Jackson doesn't want the team's concentration to waver this weekend, wondering about the results of other games.

"Being honest, we're just going to let it take care of itself," Jackson said. "We're not focused on the outside, or other teams and stuff like that. We're focused on ourselves, because we can't peak too early [and] we can't peak too soon at nothing right now. We've just got to focus on the Giants, because that's a good team that we're going to face on Sunday. It's about finishing for us right now."

In order to make the playoffs, the Ravens need to win out and have either the Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts or Miami Dolphins to lose one of their next two games. Baltimore could drop a game only if the Dolphins lose both of their remaining contests.

The Ravens, however, see no point in talking about the outcome of games involving other AFC playoff contenders. Don't even ask left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. which teams he should be rooting for this weekend.

"To be honest, I really don't know much," Brown said. "I don't have much for you there. My focus is on the Giants and going out there and playing the best game of my career. We understand the playoffs are there and getting there is important. But it's important that we win the next game."

Ravens Preparing for Two Quarterbacks

The Giants have not announced whether Daniel Jones or Colt McCoy will start at quarterback Sunday against the Ravens. Jones missed last weekend's game with a hamstring injury, but he practiced Wednesday on a limited basis.

"We'll prepare for both quarterbacks," Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh said. "Both of those guys have done a good job for them this year. They're both experienced quarterbacks. Daniel Jones is obviously a little bit younger, but he was one of the top picks in the draft. [He's] a super talented guy. Colt McCoy has done a great job, too, over the years. We've played him before, and we know how good he is. So, we'll be ready for both those guys."

The Giants won in Seattle a few weeks ago with McCoy as their starter, and cornerback Marlon Humphrey respects both quarterbacks.

"Daniel Jones has played well, but then you plug in Colt McCoy, it really hasn't been much of a fall off," Humphrey said. "Daniel Jones is, even with all the things he can do throwing the football, he also can run, he's pretty agile as far as escaping. I think the only difference between the two is maybe just Colt McCoy is really not as much of a runner. But the offense hasn't really changed all too much. You kind of just prepare for both, and two hours before the game, they'll put (out) their inactives, and you'll figure out who's going to be who."

Ravens Backup Quarterback in Flux

Robert Griffin III (hamstring) is eligible to come off injured reserve this week, but the Ravens have not determined the backup quarterback for Sunday's game. Trace McSorley (knee) remains on injured reserve and Tyler Huntley saw his first NFL action as Jackson's backup last week. Huntley was 2-of-4 passing for seven yards and ran four times for 18 yards.

Harbaugh said a decision would be made later this week.

"That will depend on the health part of it and whatever other factors; obviously, it's never one thing," Harbaugh said. "So, we'll just have to consider all that. It won't be Trace yet, but Tyler and Robert are possibilities. I really don't know right now. We're kind of status quo until we hear more."

Lamar Enjoys Watching Dobbins

The energy of J.K. Dobbins has sparked the Ravens' rushing attack since he became the primary running back. Jackson often pumps up teammates with electrifying runs, but Jackson says he has a similar feeling watching Dobbins.

Jackson and Dobbins could be the Ravens' 1-2 punch for years to come in Baltimore.

"Being honest, he's just explosive," Jackson said. "I'll be on the field … I'm not trying to talk crap, but it's just like, I'm amazed. I'm like, 'Bro, you're running the ball. You are unbelievable with the ball.' Then I'm like, 'He might get hit right there,' and then he'll just do something crazy. That's why he's out there. He's just doing amazing things. That's why we got these backs. They get the ball in their hands and they just go crazy, and that's what we need here."

Humphrey Making Pro Bowls a Habit

Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey is a two-time Pro Bowler after being named to the team for the second straight year. The 2021 Pro Bowl, which was scheduled to be played in Las Vegas, has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. But Humphrey is honored to be on the AFC team again, and he learned last year that being a repeat Pro Bowl player raises your stature among your peers.

"It means a lot to make it again," Humphrey said. "Last year when I went to the Pro Bowl, just being around all the Pro Bowlers, it seemed like there were levels to the Pro Bowl. It was like Drew Brees had his kids in the locker room, and I'm like, 'Nobody else's kids are in here.' Von Miller was talking like it was an annual event for him.

"It was a humbling experience. First time, and I'm like, 'What is this?' Some guys are like, 'Bro, you've never been here before?' And I'm like, 'I actually haven't.' So, to get it two years in a row is cool. Just to be a part of this team, the whole defense really works all together from the front getting pressure to making a bad pass and helping me out. It's really great to make it again. I'm just happy for the guys that helped me get there."

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