Next Mission For Offense: Consistency


It's highly unlikely that the Ravens are going to score 35 points in the first 16 minutes Sunday against Atlanta.

The kind of offensive explosion Baltimore had in Tampa Bay isn't a realistic pace to keep.

The offense's next mission going forward is to maintain a high level of play and eliminate the cold streaks that have doomed them in their two losses.

"You are searching for consistency – that's something we've been talking about all week," Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak said. "We've had two really big games in the last three weeks and then really struggled at Indy."

Baltimore's offense ranks eighth in yards per game (389.8). They're ninth in rushing yards per game (132.8) and tied for sixth in rushing yards per attempt (4.7). In the most important statistic, they're tied for fifth in points per game (27.3).

The Ravens have scored on 47.7 percent of their drives this season, the best mark in the NFL.

No team is going to score all the time. Every NFL defense is too talented to allow that. But one of the Ravens' issues has been that when they've been cold, they've been ice cold.

In the Week 1 loss to Cincinnati, Baltimore's offense put up zero points and just 127 yards in the first half. They had two three-and-outs, a fumble and a missed field goal.

In the Ravens' Week 5 loss in Indianapolis, Baltimore started with a fumble on the opening drive and had just 287 total yards in the game. All but three of the Ravens' drives lasted five plays or less.

Even if the Ravens can't keep riding the highest of highs, they need to avoid the lowest of lows.

So how do the Ravens go about that?

"We just have to stay focused on us," Kubiak said. "That's what I told the guys: 'Let's not get too consumed with who we're playing,' or those types of things. If we play the way we're capable of playing and do our job, we're probably going to move the football. We just have to stay focused on that.

"It's a long grind, and we know we're capable of doing some really good things. But when we're not doing them, we have to find a way to stop it real quick. So, hopefully we get more consistent."

Kubiak also said cutting down on early turnovers and penalties are important in getting the offense on track. Once it has gotten on track, it hasn't derailed yet this season. It's a matter of starting well.

But most of all, Kubiak said the Ravens "have to stay aggressive offensively."

"I always tease with the guys that they show those highlights for a reason," Kubiak said. "You have to go make plays, and we obviously made a bunch last week."

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