NFL Announces Schedule for Offseason Programs


In a memo to teams Wednesday, the NFL announced its schedule and guidelines for offseason meetings and on-field work with players.

The offseason schedule has been broken into three phases starting Monday, April 19. All three phases will be voluntary for players, except for the mandatory minicamps that will be part of Phase III in June.

Here are important dates to know:

Phase 1, April 19-May 14

All meetings will be held virtually and no on-field work will be permitted. Players may work out in the weight room under the direction of the team's strength and conditioning coaches.

Phase 2, May 17-21

Meetings will continue to be virtual, but on-field drills will be permitted under guidelines prohibiting contact and limiting the amount of time spent on the field per day. Coaches will be permitted on the field and rookie minicamps will be held during this phase.

Phase 3, May 24-June 18

Teams may conduct 10 days of OTAs with players on the field no more than two hours per day. Mandatory veteran minicamps can be held during this phase. Meetings during this phase can be virtual or in person, with limits on the amount of people allowed in various parts of a team facility.

The league and NFLPA have not reached agreement on offseason workouts, and the union had publicly called for the entire offseason to be conducted virtually. The entire offseason was held virtually last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Negotiations between the league and the union were expected to continue regarding offseason workouts, Mark Maske of The Washington Post reported.

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