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Notebook: Potential Harbaugh Dinner Meeting In The Works


The Harbaugh brothers may meet up before the Super Bowl.

Head Coach John Harbaugh revealed that he and 49ers head coach and brother Jim have talked about getting dinner together Wednesday night.

"There is some talk about a potential dinner at some point in time," John said during Tuesday's Media Day. "Maybe Wednesday night – hopefully. We'll have to see where we're at work wise."

The Harbaugh brothers talked on Monday, but that was more about hotels, tickets and some of the semantics of going through a Super Bowl.

"What would we talk about?" John said before doing a mock dinner conversation. "'What are you having? I don't know, what are you having?' We might not get past the menu."

John said he and Jim did recently talk about whether they would have rather played in a Super Bowl that wasn't a HarBowl.

"Really, no," John said. "It would probably be easier in a lot of ways. There would be no question about anything. In the end, the fact that he's on the other side, I think that's what makes it great. It just really makes it special. It's a perfect crossroads for us."

Flacco Doesn't Agree With Fines

Player safety is one of the biggest issues facing the NFL right now, and one of the ways that the league enforces its safety rules is by issuing fines to players for illegal hits.

The rules are often in place to protect offensive players – especially quarterbacks – but one person who doesn't agree with fine system is Joe Flacco.

"I play the game man. I understand I'm going to get hit," Flacco said. "Just because they fine these guys is not going to stop them from hitting me. I'm still going to get hit – in the head, in the knees, wherever.

"I just kind of find it tough to fine people for doing their job. And I understand that. I understand that part of protecting those guys, especially the guys that are making all kinds of money, and the NFL would probably be losing some money if those guys weren't on the field every Sunday. I understand that part of it, but I don't think the fine system is necessarily stopping players from doing that. It's just taking money out of their pockets."

Flacco was then asked if he thinks suspending players would be a better alternative, and he supported that idea as long as the players still got paid while they're suspended.

"Suspension is another thing," Flacco said. "It would be one thing if we were still paying the people, paying the guys when they're suspended. But to suspend a guy without pay, I think, is ridiculous."

Monachino: No Coordinator Conversations

Ravens Linebackers Coach Ted Monachino has recently popped up as a candidate for the Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator job under new Head Coach Chip Kelley.

Monachino downplayed the rumors during Media Day, saying he's had no contact with the Eagles at this point.

"It is certainly not my focus, and all I want to do right now is do everything I can right now to help our team prepare for the 49ers," Monachino said. "I haven't had any conversations with anybody."

Monachino has been on the Ravens staff for the last three seasons, working as outside linebackers coach from 2010-2011 before getting promoted to linebackers coach this offseason.

Garrett Downing contributed to this article.

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