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Odell Beckham Jr. Has Zay Flowers' Back, Talks About Dustup With Jeffery Simmons

WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr.'s dustup with Titans defensive lineman Jeffery Simmons in London is getting plenty of attention, but Beckham has left their disagreement across the pond.

Simmons was given a 15-yard penalty for shoving Beckham after he took exception to the way Simmons dove low at Zay Flowers' legs while he was being tackled. Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey said on his "Punch Line Podcast" that Simmons went looking for Beckham again on the field after the Ravens' 24-16 victory.

Beckham dismissed the seriousness of the postgame altercation, but made it clear he had Flowers' back.

"It's nothing really to talk about," Beckham said. "It's probably a small hot topic right now, but it's good. We got a helmet, shoulder pads. We're out here playing football. This is not MMA.

"I watched him look at the play, then look at Zay's legs and kind of dive on it. I just didn't like that. I'm going to protect him. This is my guy. This is my little bro, love him to death. I'm going to always have his back, period. And if that leads me into trouble, it is what it is. I just didn't like that."

Beckham said he has put the incident in his rearview mirror.

"It was dead when we won," Beckham said. "Send them on the way home. We had a great flight home. We're worried about Detroit. We're not worried about them. See them in the playoffs, maybe."

Lamar Jackson Wants to See Offense Improve in Second Half

The Ravens have gone two straight games without scoring a touchdown in the second half, and Lamar Jackson was disappointed to see the offense struggle in Week 6 after jumping to an 18-3 lead before halftime.

Jackson said the Ravens need to make second-half adjustments more quickly.

"Teams do a great job of adjusting, changing up their defenses in the second half and then it takes us a little bit of time to catch up to them," Jackson said. "I believe we should work faster, try to catch up to them."

Jackson called Baltimore's offense "inconsistent" through six games, but believes the unit is on the verge of breaking out.

"We've been showing glimpses of what we could be," Jackson said. "We've just need to be more consistent, driving the ball down the field and scoring points."

Jackson Trying to Transfer Practice Chemistry With Rashod Bateman

Rashod Bateman has had a quiet start to the 2023 season, in part because of a hamstring injury. Through five games, he has 10 catches for 82 yards.

Jackson is keeping his faith in the 2021 first-round pick.

"I believe we're good," Jackson said. "We always have chemistry in practice and stuff like that. We've just got to transition that over to the game. There's a lot of guys out there getting open, so I'm just trying to spread the ball around. But we're going to be good as the season goes on."

After dropping a touchdown in Pittsburgh, Bateman had a pass soar past him for an interception in Sunday's win in Tennessee, which turned the Ravens' momentum.

"He was getting pulled, breaking off his route, his eyes were just coming up and the ball was high," Bateman said. "It was just a miscommunication there. But we'll be good."

Ball Is in Tyus Bowser's Court

On Monday, Harbaugh said he would let outside linebacker Tyus Bowser explain for himself what's going on with his status.

On Tuesday, during the weekly "Tyus Bowser Show," Bowser spoke about his health, as he remains on the non-football injury list with a knee issue.

"I'm feeling great. I'm on the field, I'm moving around very well, just gaining more and more confidence each and every day," Bowser said. "I feel like myself, it's getting to that point. I'm just going to continue to work hard and when that time comes, it comes."

Asked if he's coming back this season, Bowser said, "Trust me, if I can play, I'll definitely play. That's the goal."

On Wednesday, Harbaugh was asked again about Bowser.

"I just want what's best for Tyus," Harbaugh said. "I want this to get resolved because he's worked hard to get physically to where he can come back and play. He's worked really hard to do it. I think there's some doctors meetings going on this week. So I'm really looking forward to see the solution. I'm hopeful that he gets back and plays. It's going to be in his court."

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