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Off the Field, On the Mic


Even on his day off, loquacious wideout Derrick Mason likes fans to hear his voice.

That's why Mason spent his Tuesday hosting karaoke at the Charlestown Retirement Community. Singing may be a little different than giving an interview or chattering on the field, but one thing's for sure: everyone had a good time.

Mason was joined by fellow wideout Marcus Smith, who lit up the stage with his dance moves as the two sang a duet to M.C. Hammer's "U Can't Touch This." Residents of the retirement community, located in Catonsville, Md., serenaded the audience of over 100, with songs ranging from the 40s to some of today's hits.

AI Entertainment provided the karaoke and booklets with a list of over 30,000 songs for the residents to choose from.

The event was the first of four karaoke sessions that Mason plans to host this season. Charlestown proved to be a great place to begin the tradition with its enthusiastic crowd and talented residents.

Derrick and Marcus kept the crowd entertained, but everyone definitely encouraged them to keep their day jobs.

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