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On the Field and On Your TV


What's up Ravens fans? This is Daniel Wilcox, your #83 of the Baltimore Ravens. We're back with another blog for you.

The season so far has been fun for me. It's such a blessing to be out there on the field after dealing with the injuries all offseason. I was so thankful just for one opportunity, one play, that I'm taking every single play like it's my last. I'm trying to have as much fun as I can.

This offense is just amazing to play in. Of course, you always want to be more involved in the offense, but I'm having fun blocking, especially when we're running the ball so well with Ray [Rice], Willis [McGahee] and [Le'Ron] McClain. Then there's [Derrick] Mason, [Mark] Clayton and [Todd] Heap all catching the ball, I think we're only going to get better. Plus, I think my time will come soon. I think there will be a game here and there where they need me to make plays for the offense. Right now, I'm making plays by blocking. It's about being patient and unselfish.

It's another example about how blessed we truly are to be able to bounce back from something as serious as Troy's illness. He's out there handing the ball off, throwing a few passes. It's incredible, because Troy is one of those guys that is a really gifted athlete. But that game can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye. You can't take anything for granted and always remember the struggles that you went through to get where you are.

My son, Tristan, was in town for a while, which was a ton of fun. I don't get a chance to spend as much time with him as I'd like because he lives in Atlanta. And, with all the changes around here, it's been hard to get free for a good amount of quality time. There are only a couple of hours at home, so we spent that time just relaxing and playing around the house. It was great to have him lay his head on my chest, hug my leg, or hear him scream, "Daddy! Daddy!" when I come home. It's an amazing feeling to have a child. I can't wait to have more.

When I get home and I see them, they definitely take football off my mind. Plus, my wife, Shauna, is my best friend. When you leave here, you leave the guys behind, and so to come home to an empty house is tough. You've had a hard practice and a long day, and you need to release those stresses to somebody. I can tell her anything, whether its good or bad, to get some stuff off my chest. She's repeatedly helped me deal with things in a better manner, and I've taken that to my everyday life.

In the locker room, it's been great talking to a lot of the young guys here. I was just talking to Edgar Jones, because he's going through some of the things I went through early in my career. He's now trying to play tight end in the NFL after being a linebacker and defensive end. I know what it's like to try to play this position as a professional, so I've been trying to drop some knowledge on "EJ." He's got the work ethic and athletic ability to play for a while in this league, and I think he'll be around for a long time if he keeps his nose clean and his head up. When things go rough, you have to let them roll off your back like Rain-X.

Going back to the wedding, everyone out there keep Oct. 7 marked on your calendars. That's the season premiere of "Who's Wedding is it Anyway?" and our "Strictly Destiny Wedding" ceremony will be the featured show. We're looking forward to seeing it. RaveTV is going to put together a piece for one off their shows, too. I can't wait to see what they put together. If you can TiVo it, please do.

As far as the community goes, we're still keeping the Empowerment M.I.N.D.S. Foundation going, but with the season here, we don't have any really big events planned for the near future. I've been doing some of the small things. Last Tuesday, I helped out with Hispanic Heritage Month and Worldwide Play Day at Wolfe Street Academy. I also attended a press conference with Gov. Martin O'Malley to encourage people to sign up for Medicaid Expansion.

Don't worry though. We're still going to have the spelling bee, the putt-putt tournament and paintball.

Another thing that's been keeping me busy is a show with FOX 45's Bruce Cunningham down at the ESPN Zone in Baltimore on Tuesday nights. Come on down, because it's a lot of fun. There has been a lot of support from my family and just Ravens fans. We've even had Yamon Figurs, Haloti [Ngata] and Joe [Flacco] out to the show.

I love getting a chance to show a little bit of my personality and do some of the asking of the questions. I hope it's preparing me for a career doing something in front of the camera when my football career is over, whether it's in Baltimore or Atlanta or wherever it may be.

I'd like to thank everyone for reading the latest 83 Degreez blog. I know it's been a while since I've been here on, but this is the renewal of many more to come this season. I hope to see you at my show. And, of course, we have the game in Pittsburgh. It's Monday night, so you can only expect excitement on the field.

Talk to you soon.

- D. Wilcox #83

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