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Outtakes: Bart Scott


Ravens linebacker Bart Scott, an economics major out of Southern Illinois University, shares some off-the-field thoughts with as he prepares to play the Steelers on Monday Night Football. Your favorite part about playing on Monday Night Football?

Bart Scott: "The opportunity to play in front of your peers."

You earned your degree in economics. Why did you choose that major?

"Early on, I had a good economics teacher, and it really intrigued me. It was one of the better classes I ever took, so I decided to go into it."

What is your opinion of the U.S. economy right now?

"I think it's in shambles. I think with the deregulation of banks, and really all those policies that were made – Fannie Mae and all the foreclosures – I think we've got a long road ahead of us. I think we should start making other countries pay import taxes for bringing all these goods over here. When they regulate the amount of goods that we allow to come in their country, we need to do the same."

Other than economics, what was your favorite subject in school?

"That's a tough one. Economics was what I did the most. I learned a lot from my philosophy classes, too."

Were you involved with anything in college outside of football?

"Just charity stuff. Other than football, just charity stuff."

What was your favorite area of charity?

"I think all the areas of charity are important. It's tough to put one cause ahead of another, but what may inspire someone else may not inspire others. I think you can't put one cause above another. I think just the fact of giving and giving back is the purpose of it. You can't put one charity or one cause above another."

What do you think of Peter Boulware, former Ravens linebacker, deciding to run for the Florida Congress?

"I think he will do a great job. He's, at the base of it, a good man, a tremendous spirit and a very religious man. I know that he will do what is best for the people."

Do you have any post-football plans?

"I have no idea. We'll see what happens. Maybe radio or TV if they want to pay me enough… I'm going to take Shannon Sharpe's spot, or somebody's spot. But if not, I'm comfortable being a businessman, continuing my businesses, growing them a little bit more as I get moving to that second part of my life."

Michael Phelps is a huge Ravens fan. What do you think of him winning all the individual events?

"It's like boxing, where it's pretty much competing against yourself. In a lot of those races, he doesn't have a teammate to lean on, so it's tremendous. We rely on the team. It's amazing! Competing against the best in the world and still being able to break that record is tremendous."

How much respect do you have for what Phelps put his body through after eight races?

"That's like us playing three consecutive games. To be able to race every day and having to qualify and all that, I don't know how he did it. He must have the strong mind and spirit to compete at such a high level."

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