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Outtakes: Marcus Smith


Recently, caught up with rookie wide receiver Marcus Smith – the Ravens' 4th-round draft pick out of New Mexico who grew up in San Diego, Ca. – and learned a little about his off-the-field hobbies. What's you relationship with Orioles center fielder Adam Jones?

Marcus Smith: "We grew up playing [baseball] together on the same high school and traveling teams. It is unbelievable that we ended up in the same area. We've gotten together a couple of times, and I go to nearly every home series. I sit behind home plate, about 20 rows up. Definitely a good time."

Did you do any snowboarding or skiing while you were in college at New Mexico?

"I snowboarded all the time. I don't really like the snow, but I like to snowboard. I can't do it anymore, but I enjoyed it when I got to do it."

Did you do any extreme sports when you lived near the beach?

"I tried to boogie-board a little bit. I'd go spear fishing. No real surfing. I could get up, but I couldn't carve. I also skateboarded, rode BMX bikes and did all that stuff."

Tell us more about the spear fishing.

"The spears are about 4 to 6 feet. You can use a pole spear or a spear gun. I prefer the spear gun because it pulls [the spear] back and then you just have to pull the trigger. It's a lot easier to aim and swim with. You learn how to hold your breath, go down about 75 feet on one breath and swim around for a while, which made it cool."

What's your favorite Olympic sport?

"I like gymnastics, when they do the rings. Those guys are remarkably strong – to be able to hold yourself at a 'T' and upside-down is amazing. I couldn't do it right now, and I think I'm pretty strong. And the vault, when they run and do all those flips."

You majored in criminology in college. Any reason behind that?

"I've wanted to be in law enforcement since I was really young. My uncle is a detective, and he was a cop when I was younger. I was just fascinated by it. I felt like I wanted to do something that would help the community."

So would you rather watch CSI or Law and Order?

"CSI, definitely. There are more twists in it, a lot less courtroom drama. It's out there in the field. They're searching for people and trying to find criminals."

What's something that not a lot of people know about you?

"I'd like to have a bass pro fishing tournament. I like to fish, so that'd be something cool to do – try and do some celebrity thing. I don't play golf like most of the guys. I'd rather fish."

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