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Owen Daniels Happy To Befriend Terrell Suggs


This was the first tweet Owen Daniels sent after signing the papers that made him a Raven:

Now Daniels and the Founder/Dean of Ball So Hard University, Terrell Suggs, get to be friends.

Why is a tight end so happy to befriend an outside linebacker he's hardly talked to before? It's because Suggs wasn't so nice to Daniels when he was a Houston Texan.

"Suggs and I have had our encounters in the past, so it'll be good to be friends with him now and be teammates," Daniel said with a laugh. "That'll be good."

When NFL Films put together its Top 100 players of 2013 list, they used commentary from Daniels for Suggs' introduction. Daniels frankly said, "I don't like playing that guy."

"He's just an enormous human being," he said. "He's sitting there, I'm looking at him. He just sits there and just smiles back at me, through his facemask and visor, which isn't intimidating at all. Just smiling at me like, 'You know what’s coming, buddy.'"

Daniels expounded upon that after signing with the Ravens.

"He wasn't afraid to use a club to the head on the backside of the play," he said. "That was just the way it was and I dealt with it. He was a handful to deal with. I had to do everything in my power to hold my ground with him."

Now it's good to be on the same side – even if that means practicing against Suggs on a daily basis once the time comes.

"We're going to do good work in in practice and that's going to prepare me a ton for games," Daniels said. "It's just going to make me a better player seeing him every day in practice."

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