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Patrick Mahomes Gives Lamar Jackson Props After Super Bowl 


Lamar Jackson wasn't at the Super Bowl, but he was on Patrick Mahomes' mind following his victory in Super Bowl LIV.

Mahomes was asked if he considered himself the new "face of the NFL" after he was named the Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player. Instead of claiming that title, Mahomes said several others were also worthy of being considered the league's face, and he specifically mentioned Jackson. 

"There's several guys that can be the face of the NFL," Mahomes said at his postgame press conference. "With the NFL and how good the plays is, the quarterback play, guys can come out there year in and year out and play great football. Lamar was the unanimous MVP last night and he just had one of the best seasons of all time at quarterback."

Mahomes was the NFL's Most Valuable Player in 2018, and he is just 24 years old. Jackson was the unanimous choice for MVP this season, and he is only 23. Both should have plenty of great football ahead of them, and their popularity is already off the charts.

At the Pro Bowl, crowds followed Jackson everywhere and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees made it clear that his son, Baylen, was a huge fan of Jackson's. Not only does Baylen love the way Jackson plays, he also loves Jackson's apparel.

Jackson and Mahomes aren't the only under-25 quarterbacks drawing attention. Deshaun Watson has led the Houston Texans to back-to-back AFC South championships, and he's just 24. Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray was named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

On NFL Network's "Good Morning Football," the panel debated which young quarterbacks were vying to be the NFL's new face, and of course Jackson was in the conversation.

"There's no matchup I want more in 2020 than Lamar Jackson up against Patrick Mahomes on any level," GMFB's Kay Adams said. "Regular, postseason, on any level, I want to see it. I need to see it."

The Ravens will host the Chiefs during the 2020 regular season, so Adams will get her wish. Jackson didn't make it to the Super Bowl this season, but he clearly left an impression on Mahomes.

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