Playing in the Band: SFF


The Baltimore Ravens celebrated April 26th's draft day with their annual Spring Football Festival. Eager fans began lining up at the stadium gates several hours before opening, and the Baltimore's Marching Ravens Pep Band and Drum Line were there to entertain them.

Starting at noon, the Pep Band traded sets of songs with the Drum Line's cadences and features. They each had the chance to debut new music in front of fans, with the Pep Band trying out "Radar Love," "The Final Countdown," "Funkytown," "Green Onions" and "Super Freak." The Drum Line drew in crowds of onlookers with several standstill features that required many hours of preparation before performing in public.

The Pep Band played until 2:30 p.m. when the constant stream of fans finally made its way through the doors. The Drum Line was already on the field for another half hour set. After a short break for lunch, the Pep Band and Drum Line set back up for another half hour, playing right up until the Ravens' first round selection of Delaware quarterback Joe Flacco.

The Marching Ravens made their final appearance of the long day at 6 p.m. for Poe's Mascot Game, with the Pep Band announcing the arrival of each member of the Mascot team with a fanfare. After the Mascots' defeat by the Wildcats, the Pep Band and Drum Line traded off for a final set to close out the festivities, seeing out the remaining fans.

The Marching Ravens Pep Band is looking forward to their next performance on Saturday, May 31, at the Council of Ravens Roosts Convention in Ocean City, MD.

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