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Poll: Are Any Ravens Fans Rooting For Patriots?

The choice of who to root for in Super Bowl LI is obvious for Ravens fans, right!?!

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots face off against Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons tonight in Houston, and we want to know who you're pulling for.

Reason to root for Falcons: Ummm, duh. The Patriots are one of the of the Ravens' biggest rivals. They're maybe not as big of rivals as the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it's close. Ravens fans likely don't want to see Brady hoist a fifth Lombardi Trophy and New England fans celebrate yet another championship.

Reason to root for Patriots: Ryan (No. 3 overall) and Joe Flacco (No. 18) came into the league together in 2008 and have since been compared and debated ad nauseam. Ryan has held the edge in individual stats, throwing for 4,000 yards five times before Flacco reached that level for the first time in 2016. Ryan has been voted to four Pro Bowls to Flacco's zero. But Flacco has had the upper hand in winning, especially in the postseason. Flacco has a 10-5 postseason mark while Ryan is 3-4 heading into Super Bowl LI. Flacco also won Super Bowl XLVII and was named the game's MVP. So if Ryan wins tonight, he would be on level playing field in championships.

So, with that in mind, who are you rooting for?

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