Poll: What Should Be Maxx Williams' Nickname?

The Ravens have a history of tight ends with good nicknames, or at least names that are fun to bellow.

Just ask Todd Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeap.

Now the Ravens have rookie tight end drawing comparisons to Heap with second-round pick Maxx Williams. Only problem is, Williams doesn't have a nickname.

"My whole life I've never really had a nickname," he says. "Maxx with two X's, they were kind of like, 'Oh, that's unique enough.'"

Well, we can fix that. Ravens fans have already been making some suggestions in our message boards and via social media.

What should Williams' nickname be?

We'll get the ball rolling with the Gladiator-like "Maximus," a shout out to the hot new film with "Mad Maxx," and even one of "Super Maxx" based off this fantastic Vine.

Which do you like best, or what other suggestions do you have? Williams seems pretty open to whatever you've got.

"I guess whatever they start calling me, I'll roll with it," he said.

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