Poll: Who Are You Rooting For In AFC Championship?


Ravens fans are in a pickle when trying to pick who to root for in today's AFC championship.

It's the Colts versus the Patriots. It's the team that used to reside in Baltimore versus the team that just beat Baltimore.

Here's a look at each team and the reasons to (or not to) root for them:

No. 1 New England Patriots

Record: 12-4 (AFC East champs)
Playoffs: Defeated Baltimore Ravens, 35-31

Why TO root for them: If you subscribe to the notion that it's most flattering to be beaten by the best, then the Patriots are your team. If the Patriots win, it will show that Baltimore, who had a pair of 14-point leads in the divisional playoff game in Foxborough, may have been the best, or close-to-next-best team in the AFC. !

Why NOT to root for them: The Patriots beat the Ravens and it's too painful to turn around and root for them. Plus, they're quarterbacked by Tom Brady. Besides his usual behavior that irks outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, Brady made a point of telling the media that the Ravens should "study the rule book" after the Patriots' trick plays. He also got away with screaming in a ref’s face.

No. 4 Indianapolis Colts

Record: 11-5 (AFC South champs)
Playoffs: Defeated Denver Broncos, 24-13

Why TO root for them: The Colts are led by former Ravens Defensive Coordinator Chuck Pagano. Pagano, a leukemia cancer survivor, was beloved during his time with Baltimore and cheered for the Ravens as they went on their Super Bowl XLVII run (after beating the Colts in the wild-card round). Also, quarterback Andrew Luck gave a lot of nice trash talk when he played the Ravens earlier this season.

Why NOT to root for them: The Mayflower trucks. Yes, this happened all the way back in 1984, but some Ravens fans certainly haven't forgotten.

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